Thursday, February 26, 2015

Science Fair

It was that time of year again... the annual Science Fair.  Last year we survived without Molly and I killing one another.  And thankfully, this year was equally successful.  Molly decided that she wanted to grow bacterial colonies.  So we tested the effectiveness of hand washing with water, soap & water, and hand sanitizer.  Steve built an incubator out of a cooler, a light bulb, and a themostat (which was impressive).  The results?  Hand sanitizer... for the win!

This year we got to work on a second science fair experiment with the kindergarteners.  Thankfully, I was able to convince them to team up and do it together, thereby saving myself a THIRD project.  They decided to enroll Hawk in their scientific endeavors, and tested to see whether his nose was as good at finding treats as his eyes.  Apparently his nose is not that great, and he only found the treats six out of ten times.

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