Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Celebration

There's nothing like a little last minute New Year's Eve plans!  This year we had nothing on the schedule to ring in the New Year, so at the last minute I called up Christie's family to see if they'd like to join us for the evening.  Our plan was to watch the ball drop in New Year on Eastern Standard Time (9:00 pm our time) so that the kids could get to bed at a decent hour.  We each contributed some things for a meal, and I picked up some party supplies.

The kids had a BLAST!  Between playing with their new Christmas toys, running around like crazy people, and dancing to the musicians on TV... it was so much fun.

After the countdown and the ball dropping, we went outside and gave each kid a can of silly string to unload. 

This was yet another reminder to be so thankful that we moved to Beaverton and that our families get to grow up together!  And if you're interested in seeing the live action countdown... here it is!