Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Celebrations!

Christmas this year was wonderful.  I have to admit that it was one of the best yet.  First of all, we were all healthy which is a Christmas miracle in itself.  Second of all, all of our kids were totally sucked in to the magic of the season, and it made it so special!  Here's the annual Christmas jammies photos.  Even the dog cooperated... another Christmas miracle!

Three days before Christmas my parents arrived... yet another reason for fabulous memories.  The kids made a gingerbread house with my mom, and I am amazed that they were all able to cooperate and build one single house together as a team.  Another Christmas miracle! Molly decorated the front, Garrett did the back, and Paige did the roof!

We also took my parents to see the Christmas light display at the Portland Speedway.  It's a neat thing to do when it's cold out, because you get to drive on the race track to travel to each display.  The kids loved the "12 Days of Christmas" displays, and we sang the entire song while we were driving.

Hawk particularly enjoyed my parents visit and absolutely fell in love with my dad.  He followed him around all day and would lay at his feet and lick his toes in adoration.

Christmas Eve we got ready for church and went to the afternoon service.  The kids looked adorable in their coordinating outfits so of course it was a photo opp!  The service was amazing with some great reminders of why we celebrate Christmas.

For dinner we had tamales... which was a first for my parents.  I'm proud of them for trying something so outside of their comfort zone.  Then the kids got in their jammies, sprinkled the reindeer food on the front lawn, and we read some Christmas stories before they went to bed.  The adults stayed up and watched Elf before calling it a night.

Christmas morning was a huge success.  The kids were SO joyful and had a blast giving each other the gifts that they had bought one another.  Molly got her lava lamp from Santa and a camera from us!  Paige got a robot dog (Zoomer) from Santa and art supplies from us.  And Garrett got a Minecraft play set from Santa and some balls (soccer and football) and a Seahawks hat from us.  But I think their favorite gift was the Kindle tablets that each child got from Nani and Papa!

Hawk also got a stocking from Santa complete with treats, toys and a new Nylabone!  What a spoiled puppy!

The kids spent the afternoon enjoying their toys, and Garrett and Steve played his new Lego Starwars Wii game.  

Meanwhile my mom and I got ready for the evening's company.  We had most of the food prepped and ready to cook when everyone arrived!

The cousins exchanged gifts.  It was so much fun seeing Hailey and Luke open up their presents!

And then before dinner we had a little carol sing-a-long.  Almost every year while I was growing up we would break out the instruments and have a carol sing-a-long. I'm looking forward to continuing that tradition with my own family!

We had an amazing prime rib dinner and everyone left overly full with food and love.  The perfect end to the perfect Christmas!

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