Friday, June 20, 2014

Vacationing with the Taylors - PART 2

For the second half of our vacation with the Taylors, we packed up our vans and drove the southern Oregon coast to a little town called Gold Beach.  Of course we made time to stop for ice cream and cheese samples at a little local creamy called Facerock Creamery.

Gold Beach is where Rik's mom and step-live and they "borrowed" a house in their neighborhood for us to stay in.  It was just down the street from their own home and we were even able to bring Hawk with us!

The first evening, after dinner we walked down to the beach which was just down the hill.  We caught the sun as it was setting and the light was just dreamy!

The big girls had developed a "plan" to build a volcano on the beach and set it off with baking soda.  After they accomplished that, they had a fabulous time getting wet and sandy!

The next day we all went into the town of Gold Beach for a jet boat tour.  While we were waiting to board our boat, we took a little walk and checked out the local ship wreck that is a protected heritage site.  When the tide is down, you can actually walk out to this ship wreck!

The boat tour was with Jerry's Rogue Jets.  If you ever are in this area, I highly recommend this tour.  It's a 64-mile loop up the Rogue River and is a TON of fun!

On the tour we saw a TON of wildlife including osprey, eagles, deer, muskrats, otters, and all kinds of other birds.  We were hoping to see bears, but apparently it was the wrong time of year for that.

On the way back down river, our captain/tour guide (who also happened to be the local pastor), made the ride exciting by hitting the rapids and whipping around in donuts.  We got soaked and the kids kept shouting for MORE!

That night we decided to try and get some family photos for the Taylor family.  Christy came prepared with coordinating outfits, and I had my camera ready to roll.  Their sneak peek was posted on my business website HERE.  It was a crazy, windy evening but they were such troopers and their photos turned out awesome!

The last day we took to just spend at the beach.  It was pretty cold and windy, but the kids were greeted by a wonderful surprise.  Rik's mom and stepdad had gone before us and had laid out a treasure hunt for the kids.  They had staged a ton of shells, necklaces, fake jewels and special rocks for them to collect.  After finding all their treasures, they spent some time exploring the beach and digging in the sand.  Hawk had a fabulous time as well!  And afterwards the kiddos hit the hot tub to warm up!

It was such a fabulous trip and we hope to make a similar one with them next year.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Vacationing with the Taylors - PART 1

This was such a fun time, that I'm going to have to split it into two posts.  This summer we got to vacation with our friends, the Taylors.  The first half of our time together was spent in Portland, showing them some quick highlights of the town.  The kids were just happy to be reunited with their friends.

On the first day we hit up OMSI.  The Taylor family is full of Science geeks, just like ours, so we knew that this was going to be a hit.

Of course the chemistry lab is always a hit!

But the highlight of OMSI was their special dinosaur exhibit.  They had full scale skeletons right next to animatronic dinosaurs and it was quite the sight to take in.  You really got the full picture of what those beasts were like!

The next day, we took a trek downtown to visit Powell's books, which is a Portland landmark.  It is such a huge bookstore and you really could spend hours there.  And the light is so dreamy in the children's section of the store that I want to photograph a session in there!

Finally we hit up the food trucks for lunch.  We had hoped to also go to Voodoo donuts, but the kids were exhausted by that point.  Tired children and sugary donuts is a bad combination...