Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend!

Spring has sprung in the Portland area.  Although we have had a lot of sunny weather, we've are still getting our fair share of wet weather.

This last weekend was Easter, and on the Saturday we did indeed endure some wet weather.  We went to the church carnival in the morning, and although it was raining, the kids still enjoyed an egg hunt, bounce house, carnival games, and free hot dogs!  I was so impressed with our church and the amazing job they did of the carnival that was free to the entire community.  After we dried off and rested, we decorated our Easter eggs.

After the kids finished decorating eggs, we told them about OUR Easter gift to them... a new dog.  We are becoming a guardian family for a little boy Australian Labradoodle named Hawk.  We will make him available to the breeder to breed for about 3 years, and after that time he's completely ours.  He's about 13 weeks old right now, but here's a few photos of him at 3, 5, and 7 weeks.

So after that big news we spent the afternoon shopping for little Hawk and getting things ready for his arrival next week.  The following morning was Easter and Molly went room-to-room waking everyone up at 6:30 a.m.  Of course the Easter Bunny had made it's delivery.  Their baskets were predominately filled with craft supplies, but they were excited to see a gift card to Build-A-Bear in there too!

The Easter Bunny had also hidden quite a few eggs around the downstairs floor of the house.  The kids got right to it, searching for eggs in every nook and cranny.  Paige had twisted her ankle the day before and was worried that her siblings were going to out-race her to the eggs.  So Garrett made it his goal to point eggs out for her to get... so much so that at the end he had hardly collected any eggs while Paige's basket was full.  So they collectively decided to split the eggs evenly between them, without any of our prompting.  Such sweet sweet kids!

Then it was off to church, where the Savage family would be joining us.  I spent most of the service taking photos of the baptism for the pastors, but it was a really great service and reminder of why we as Christians celebrate Easter.

In the afternoon the Savages came over with Scott's mom for Easter dinner.  There was WAY too much awesome food, and the kids had a great time playing together.  This Easter I am so filled with thankfulness that God has blessed our family by letting us live so close to family.  And of course I can't help but be reminded of the awesome gift that Jesus gave us on Easter and EVERY day of the year!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hawaii Trip: Last Day

Our last day on vacation was a busy one.  That morning we booked a portrait session with a local Oahu photographer. So we loaded into two large vans and headed to the beach.  Coordinating that many people for a portrait session is no small accomplishment, but I personally am so thankful to have had her capture these memories of a fabulous vacation so that I could be in FRONT of the camera for moment.

The beach that we shot at was adjacent to a beautiful resort hotel, so we walked down there to have some lunch together.  The outside of the resort had a bunch of pools containing a menagerie of sea creatures and the kids were so thrilled to see them!

They also had a dolphin pool and we got to watch the trainers feed and play with the dolphins.  The kids were absolutely in love with these beautiful animals!

We also took advantage of the resort's beautiful beach. There weren't many people there and it was the perfect weather.  They also had staff patrolling the beach to take your drink orders which was a nice little perk!

It was such a beautiful spot and it was hard to look at those views and think that we were going to be boarding a plane the following morning to go home.

After some time on the beach, we loaded back into a cab and went back to our condo.  We had a small opportunity to visit with some friends of ours who are stationed on Oahu.  They are our friends' son and wife, and I actually photographed their wedding.  Now they have a little boy and one more baby on the way!  I'm very thankful that we were able to see them while we were there!

Then we all walked to a restaurant to enjoy our final meal together in paradise. 

The sunset on the way home definitely made us all sad, because our time had set on our beautiful vacation on Oahu.  It's sure hard to leave such a paradise.  Molly cried as we packed up our bags that night and we all wished it wasn't over so soon.  But we wouldn't have traded those memories for anything!