Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Science Fair

One of the cool things about Molly's new school is that they have a Science Fair every year.  This is particularly exciting for Molly as she LOVES Science.  This year she decided to grow sugar crystals and see what substrate they grow best on.  She did such a great job and is already plotting her experiment for next year.  I just found out your can buy agar plates on Amazon... so their may be some bacterial colonies happening in our future...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Garrett & Paige Turn FIVE!

It is hard to even fathom, but Garrett and Paige have turned FIVE!  When did that happen?  Here's a little "before and after" for you!

Unfortunately, their birthday party fell right in the middle of Portland's Snowmageddon.  Thankfully, half of the people were friends in our neighborhood that were walking distance away.  Christie's family and another family made it by chaining up their cars.  So there was actually only one family that didn't make it!  So that was amazing!  They couldn't agree on a birthday theme and Garrett insisted that it be Angry Birds.  Paige compromised and said she'd be okay with a "fancy bird" theme.  So we did a little bit of both... a lemon "fancy" bird cake and chocolate Angry Bird cupcakes.

Molly really got into the celebration and wanted to make some fun decorations for her siblings.  I was quite impressed with her creativity!

We had a "bird" themed activity and had the kids paint bird houses.  They all wanted to hang their bird houses outside and we had to convince them that it might be good to wait until things thawed.

We made a simple lunch of grilled hot dogs and sausages.  And then of course it was time to sing Happy Birthday.

And then it was time to open presents and play, play, play.  I was so thankful that a couple families (including their cousins) hung out for a while to play in the house and outside in the snow.  I think Garrett and Paige felt thoroughly loved and Paige announced that it was "the best day EVER"!  That's all I needed to hear!

Friday, February 7, 2014


This winter, the Portland area had an unusually large snowstorm event.  They often get a little snow every year, but this was much larger than usual and we had at least 8 inches on the ground for several days.  The schools were closed and we were pretty much stuck in house for several days.  Thankfully, we have awesome neighbors who not only drove me in their 4-wheel drive truck to go get groceries.  But we didn't' have to go far from home to find fun because the novelty of the snow literally entertained the kids (and parents) for days.  We just happen to live on "the" sledding hill for the neighborhood, and Steve made it that much better by constructing a snow launch that was probably about 4-feet tall (using the snow from our driveway and sidewalks).  Needless to say, at any given time in the day there were at least a handful of neighborhood kids playing in front of our house which I LOVED!

Here's a video of Steve going down the our snowy hill just after it has iced over.

The last snow day was finished off with freezing rain.  I've never really seen freezing rain like that before... where EVERYTHING was covered in a sheet of 1/2-inch ice.  Even the windows of our house were glazed over.  It was really amazing... and dangerous to walk or drive on.

All in all... the snow was fun.  But I'm glad it's gone.