Monday, November 25, 2013

Steve turns FORTY!

Well... it happened.  Steve officially turned forty years old.  I considered throwing him a surprise party, but we still don't know many people here in Oregon.  So instead we started the celebrations with a double-date with Christie and Scott, and enjoyed some fun food and drinks at a new local pub.

Then on the evening of his birthday, we had the Savage clan over for dinner (Steve's favorite: lasagna) and dessert (Steve's favorite: pumpkin cheesecake).  Molly decided that Daddy needed a party hat and made one for him out of paper (see below).

For his birthday I bought him a sound bar and sub-woofer for our TV downstairs.  But I also put together an album for him with notes, pictures and well wishes from friends and family.  It was a lot of fun contacting people from his past and compiling everything, and he was surprised and moved by the gift so that made me happy!

It was the perfect celebration of such a wonderful man and I know it meant so much to him to be surrounded by family on his special day.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nani and Papa

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had a visit from my parents.  They had been weeding through their stash of Christmas decorations and gave us a bunch of hand-me-downs... including a fabulous 6.5-foot tree!  So while were here we took the opportunity to decorate all THREE trees that we now own.

As always, the kids loved having them here and really enjoyed spending some quality time with them.  It's so nice to be closer to my family geographically and get to see more of them!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A visit from friends

Last weekend we were blessed with a visit from Susan and Christy!  They flew into town on Friday afternoon.  Saturday I took them to Powell's bookstore (something that was on Christy's bucket list) and then of course we had to hit the food carts.  I had my favorite Indian food... YUM!

While we were hanging out downtown, Steve took the kids to OMSI.  They did the submarine tour, which we had never seen before.  It sounds like it was definitely a hit with the kids!

Then that evening we took in dinner and a movie at Cinetopia.  We watched Thor 2, which was really entertaining (read: Chris Hemsworth).

The next day we decided to take a little road trip to Multnomah Falls.  It was pretty stinking cold out, but it was SO beautiful. Definitely a photo opportunity!

We hiked to the first bridge, and then decided to try the STEEP hike up to the top of the falls.  Paige made it about half way up before she was DONE.  Christy kindly stayed with her.  Garrett made it a little farther... about three quarters of the way up.  So I had to turn around with him and take him down.

But, Molly (and Steve and Susan) made it ALL the way to the top... about 700 feet in elevation gain!  I was really proud of her for powering through, and Christy was so kind and bought her a T-shirt to commemorator the hike!

Our last day was MUCH more laid back and included some errands and crafting (making Sashay scarves).  The twins were obviously tired (read: throwing fits) so it seemed best to stay close to home.  After a crazy drive through traffic, we safely delivered them back to the airport for their flight home!  It was a fabulous visit and I'm looking forward to seeing them in January when I make the trip down south!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


This was such a fabulous Halloween!  It was a little chaotic from a parenting stand point as Steve didn't fly back in from a business trip until that evening, but we had a LOT of fun.  Paige was a beautiful pink butterfly, Molly was a sassy peacock, and Garrett was a fruit bat. I wasn't able to convince them to go with a tight "theme" this year, but I guess they were all winged animals.

Before trick-or-treating, we went to our neighbor's house for pizza with another family from our neighborhood.  Their creative daughter even arranged a holiday craft, and the kids all made spider headbands.  It was very cute!  After the craft and dinner, we hit the streets with six VERY excited kids (one of which was in a stroller).

Steve made it home just in time to grab some pizza before heading home to man the front door.  He didn't fail to get into the Halloween spirit and managed to dig out a costume himself!

Just as the kids were starting to wear out, I got a call that their cousins were going to drop by for a quick visit.  That was the perfect excuse I needed to convince them to finally go home.  By this point I was carrying Paige, but Garrett and Molly were still going strong.  We were so happy to get to see the Savage family dressed up as Gru (Scott) and the Minions from "Despicable Me".

Then the kids plowed back some candy before heading off to bed at 9:00.  I felt SO sorry for their teachers knowing that they were going to school the next day with a sugar hangover and lacking sleep.  At least their preschool teachers were smart and scheduled and pajama and movie day!