Monday, September 30, 2013


Ooooo... I am SO far behind in my blogging.  Therefore this next post will be entitle "September" and will basically cover that month.  First, there was my birthday.  Steve and the kids decorated the kitchen and surprised me when I woke up.

After dropping all the kids off at school, Christie took me out for coffee and a treat!  And then Steve took me and the kids out for sushi for dinner.  So there wasn't much cooking on my end which was nice!  BUT I did make my own pumpkin spice birthday cake with cream cheese frosting and Heath Bar crumbles!  Mmmmmmm...

The following weekend we took the kids to Oktoberfest in Mount Angel Oregon.  This was an event that came recommended by Christie, so we thought we'd better check it out.  There was a lot of yummy food to be eaten... including sausage of course!

There were free pony rides and petting zoos for the kiddos!

There were hay mazes and free entertainment for the kids as well.  The juggler was particularly amazing!

Then later in the month we had visits from my mom and dad, and then from my sister Tricia!  Mom and Dad's trip was short and sweet, but during their time here Dad and Steve managed to rip a large hole in our wall and begin construction of a storage cabinet (which turned out AWESOME I must say).

Trish stayed just for the weekend but really enjoyed the kids while she was here.  Paige burst into tears after dropping Auntie Trish off at the airport, which says a lot because it usually takes Paige a while to warm up to people.  It has been THREE years since Trish had seen my kids so it was such a treat to have her come!

The sisters even got out together and we spent the evening at the Cinetopia enjoying dinner, drinks and dessert.  It was such a treat!

All in all, it was a very busy September.  October is already panning out to be extremely busy as well!  More on that later.  One thing is for sure, Beaverton is starting to feel like home!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Second Grade


Today Molly started second grade.  The anticipation of this day has been tough for her.  It's a new city, new school, and all new people.  She has been so nervous over the last week and I'm thankful that she's there and the anticipation is over!  Thankfully, last week they had a back-to-school day where you could go and drop off all your school supplies and meet your teacher.  That was a great opportunity to get used to the school and help her find things like her classroom, the bathroom, the gym and the cafeteria.  It's a really beautiful school building with fabulous amenities.  I've heard rumors that there is SO MUCH parent participation that there's a rotating sign-up system to make sure everyone gets a chance!  That's sure encouraging.  I've also heard nothing but amazing reviews of her new teacher Mr. Berning, who I like already!

This morning we were on top of it and made it out of the house with enough time for me to walk her to class. She had her new dress, new shoes and new bag and was ready to take it on!

Unfortunately, the excitement faded quickly when we got there and it was obvious that she was fighting the tears.  Poor little sweetheart!  I took this picture at her new desk just before she looked at me with teary eyes and asked me to put my camera away. 

Thankfully, she met TWO little girls before school that are in her class!  One little girl is names Anabelle and she is the daughter of Garrett's preschool teacher!  The second little girl is Ava (seen below) and she lives just a few houses down from us.  Ava arrived just as Molly was about to break down, so her timing was PERFECT and instantly put a smile on Molly's face!  Phew!

So although it was close, neither Molly nor Mommy cried.  YAY!  And after walking back to the car, the twins and I stopped and prayed for her, her teacher, her friends and her next year at school.  I can't wait to pick her up at 2:35 and hear all about her day!