Monday, May 27, 2013

Sacramento County Fair

Last week I won tickets to the Sacramento County Fair and all-day ride wrist bands for the kids on a Facebook contest.  I was so thrilled about it!  So of course, we just HAD to take them this weekend and use our wind fall.  The weather ended up being perfect for the day, overcast but warm, and a little bit of spitting rain once in a while... just enough to keep us cool and keep the allergens down.  We had such a fabulous time and the kids were absolutely beat by the end.  We started by partaking in some of the fun fair traditions, including the exhibits, the horse shows and the animal pens.

Then we hit up the all time FAVORITE place... the petting zoo area.  This is always my kids' favorite place, and this year was no exception.  The highlights were when a deer tried to eat Steve's shirt and watching Garrett wander around and hug EVERY single animal that would come near him.  He constantly had his arms around some poor creature.

We rested and ate a snack during a clown performance and must say that we were highly entertained when he called Steve up on stage to help with his act.  Who knew that my husband could spin a disk on the end of a stick so well?  If he decides that engineering isn't working for him, perhaps he has a future career in clown performance!

Then of course to had to partake in the carnival rides.  Carousels, bumper cars, and roller coaster... oh my!  The kids had an amazing time on the rides and they were finally tall enough to go without us joining them!  Although, I must admit that we joined them for a few rides.

We also enjoyed some hot dogs and funnel cakes to complete the fair experience.  I'm so glad that Steve had Memorial Day off so we could enjoy a fun day as a family.  Great memories!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Preschool in the Park

As a part of the "end of the year" activities at Garrett and Paige's preschool, we spent preschool in the park today.  It was a great opportunity for the kids to just have fun with one another, and for the parents to connect as well.  The kids also got to wear their special sun visors that they made in preschool the previous week.

I am so thankful for the amazing teachers that they have had in their life.  I have learned so much from these ladies by being in the classroom every Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Banana Splits

At preschool, they set-up an imaginative play area that changes monthly.  This month's theme was "Ice Cream Shop", and they had a bunch of pretend ice cream confections.  One day, Garrett held up a plastic banana split and said, "Look Mommy!  An ice cream hot dog!".  I thought that was so funny and mentioned it to Steve.  We realized that none of our kids had ever had a banana split before, so Steve went to the store to remedy that situation.  He bought all the fixings and declared that night "Banana Split Night"!

Needless to say, it was a hit and the kids all gave the event a thumbs up.  I was going out with friends that night so I didn't eat one myself.  So I can still maintain that I have NEVER in my entire life had a banana split.  So I suppose we may need to have banana split night again one evening. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Finishing up First Grade

I know.  I know.  I haven't posted in a while.  To be honest, life has kind of been on hold the last couple of months.  Steve has been traveling a lot (more on that in a future post) so I've been busy holding down the fort.  We've also been busy with fun "end of the year" activities. 

The first large activity was the First Grade Rain Forest Project.  This is such a large project that they literally call it a "family project" because they know that no first grader could do it on their own.  They were to pick a rainforest creature and learn everything they can about it.  Then they were to get a shoe box and decorate the OUTSIDE of it like the creature, and the INSIDE of it like a diorama of it's habitat.  Then they did an oral report on their creature, showing off their box.  Molly chose the orangutan.  I had NO IDEA how to turn a shoe box into an orangutan.  But it's amazing what you can do with fake fur, some brown felt and a glue gun.  Needless to say, Molly and I had a blast putting this together with one another.

Mrs. Valdez, her teacher, saved the rainforest projects for their annual Open House night.  She had decorated the entire classroom like a rainforest with vines hanging down from the ceiling and animals hanging from the vines.  It was VERY impressive.  After we toured through the classroom, all the first graders convened outside to sing three songs for the parents.  It was ADORABLE and the teachers did such an amazing job!

I can not say enough good things about Mrs. Valdez.  It was because of her amazing care and involved teaching that Molly has flourished this year, despite her language processing struggles.  At our last parent-teacher conference she said to me that for the first time ever Molly has been getting in trouble for talking during class, and she was THRILLED about it because it means she's finally coming out of her shell.  It's amazing to see her confidence growing, and I owe so much of that to the amazing teaching of Mrs. Valdez.