Friday, March 1, 2013

A trip to Canada

Okay...I'm starting to get a little behind in my posting again.  Whoops!  At the end of February I took a short trip up to British Columbia to visit my family.  Mom was part way through her chemotherapy, and all the sisters decided it was a good time to go spend some time with her and give her some encouragement.  The visit probably encouraged US more than it did her!

Mom is doing really well with chemo so far.  She's had a few blips along the way, but in general her spirits are up.  It was amazing to me to see how closely her new "fake hair" matched her old hair, and quite frankly anyone who didn't know she was going through chemo probably wouldn't even realize it!  I'm really proud of her and her awesome fighting spirit! 

We did have a lot of fun while we were there, probably too much fun because I think we wore her out.  We played a lot of cards, did some shopping, went out for some great food, and even got a spa pedicure.  But the highlight was going to a production of the "Buddy Holly Story" at the Cowichan Theater.  The music, the acting, the story... absolutely entertaining.  Here we all are with our "Buddy Holly" glasses on.

All in all, a fabulous visit.  It sure does make me miss my family, although I'm SO grateful for a husband that supports me to be able to make a trip like this.  Love him!