Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sledding at Donner Park

Yesterday, Steve and I took the kids up to Donner State Park to go play in the snow and do some sledding.  We like going there because it's not wall to wall people, and there's something peaceful about hiking along the cross country skiing tracks to find a good sledding hill. We were reminded what a big job it is to get everyone packed and dressed and ready for the snow.  It sure makes me appreciate all the ski trips my parents took us on as a kid!

After we hiked into a nice spot, the kids enjoyed playing in the snow.  The first thing Molly wanted to do was make a snow angel and a snowman.  We didn't have a ton of accessories for the snowman but she made do!

Garrett was all about throwing snowballs.  It was SO cold and the snow was quite dry and didn't pack into balls very well.  But that didn't stop Garrett.  Although he got VERY upset if someone dared to throw a snowball back at him.

Daddy and I learned a quick lesson that we needed to buy decent gloves for the kids.  Their little woolen mittens didn't keep their hands warm for very long and the twins quickly ended up in tears with frozen fingers. Here's Paige a little upset about her cold digits.

Daddy did his best to show the kids that a little snow wasn't going to hurt them.

After we got everyone's fingers warmed up, we enjoyed our snow picnic.  It was nice to find out that our waterproof picnic blanket works in the snow, as well as the sand!

After everyone warmed up and recharged, we did some sledding.  That was definitely a hit.  I love the expressions of joy on their little faces!

Despite the absence of warm gloves, it was a very fun time and it was great to be able to have some fun as a family.  We'll definitely try to make another trip before the snow melts for the year!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Break Fun

After Christmas, we took the opportunity to enjoy the kids' time off of school by doing some thing we never have an opportunity to do.  All these events I was too lazy to haul my camera along with me, but we snapped a couple of camera phone pics.  But even though the photos stink (especially due to the dark venues), I thought it was worthwhile to commemorate all the fun things that we did.

One afternoon we went roller skating with friends.  Steve even took the afternoon off of work to join us, and it's a good thing because I didn't have enough strength to hold up two three-year olds. Thankfully, Molly is getting more confident on her skates so we didn't have to hold her up too much. 

Another afternoon we went "glow in the dark" bowling with friends.  The kids had a BLAST!  We'll have to remember next time to have them wear more white so that they glow more in those black lights!

And we also made a trip to the Discovery Science Museum.  They had a great exhibit on bones and the human body, which was perfect timing for Molly's current interest in how our bodies work.  My little budding biologists really enjoyed this!

It was so nice to do some of these fun things that we never have time to do during the regular school week.  And it was fabulous that Steve was able to join us for skating and bowling.