Saturday, September 15, 2012

Updated photos of the kiddos

My session that was scheduled for this weekend cancelled, which meant that this was the first weekend I had free until Thanksgiving.  So it seemed appropriate that I take the time to take some updated photos of my own kiddos.  I haven't done their photo TOGETHER for a long time... probably because it's a daunting task.  When I'm shooting other people's kids, they're there to help with the wrangling.  When I'm shooting my own kids (without Steve's help) then I'm photographer AND wrangler.  This is not an easy task.  So off we went to Old Sac.  There was some pleading and some bribing and I got some decent pictures that I'm happy with.

Although I did get some good pictures, the colors of their outfits were begging me to shoot them in a field during sunset.  Yes... that's how my mind works.  So Steve offered to help with the wrangling and we took them out one more time to the Sacramento Horseman's Association.  Let me tell you... it was SO much easier with his help!

So now I've got all these awesome photos of them.  So what's next?  I forsee a giant wall collage of canvases in my future!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Camping at Lake Tahoe

This weekend, we had a fabulous camping trip to Lake Tahoe.  Friends of ours reserved a group site and invited a bunch of families to join them.  We figured it was probably our last camping trip of the season... so we took them up on the offer.  Here's our hosts... the Scotts!

The kids were happy that there were several other families there with children their age... thirteen kids in total!  Here's all of them but two...

The weather during the day was PERFECT and in the mid-70's.  However, at night and early in the morning it was frigid and in the mid-30's.  Here's the little ones curled up together in the morning getting warm and watching a cartoon on Steve's phone.

We decided to make easy meals this trip and not make things too difficult.  Here's Steve whipping up some eggs and sausage for dinner the second night.

During the day, we trekked down to the lake and soaked in the sun.  I have never been to a lake as beautiful as Tahoe.  The water is crystal clear and as blue as can be.  But, because of the elevation, the water is COLD.  That didn't seem to phase the kids at all!  They enjoyed playing in the sand, jumping waves and even going for a boat ride in the Scotts' inflatable canoe!

Our friends the Quayles also went on the trip.  That was great because their oldest daughter (Keilani) is one of Molly's best friends.  Their youngest daughter (Meigan) is one of Garrett's best friends... although it is abundantly obvious that she has a pretty serious crush on him.  Although she is smitten, when I asked Garrett if he was going to marry Meigan, he said, "But she's my friend!"   Good answer Garrett... good answer...

Our last day there, we went on a short little hike to the "Balancing Rocks".  It was really short and the perfect length for the two- and three-year olds.

And here are the kiddos lined up and having their snack!

All in all... a fabulous weekend!  Special thanks to the Scotts for making it happen!

Preschool for Garrett and Paige!

Today was an exciting day as it was Garrett and Paige's introductory day of preschool!  This is an exciting milestone for them, but it was potentially cost prohibitive for us to send two kids to preschool.  But, as always, God worked out the details for us.  Their preschool (Christ Community Preschool) had a need for an additional teacher's aid and the Director asked if I was interested in the position, knowing how I enjoyed working with kids from our time together in the Mommy and Me class.  The opportunity allows me to be a paid aid in Garrett and Paige's class, and gives me 50% off their tuition.  What a blessing!

I was a little concerned that they would be STUCK to me during preschool and make it difficult for me to do any teaching.  But I was so happy when they went running off to play without a concern for where I was.  Here they are sorting bugs by color and pattern!

They were very happy to see that their teacher from the Mommy and Me class was going to be a teacher in their NEW class!  They love Miss Jocelyn!  Here she is taking their photo to put on their cubby's so they know which one is theirs.

At the end of their time there, their favorite activity was making bracelets out of Fruit Loops.  Needless to say, they both finished eating their bracelets quite shortly after they were constructed.

I was also thankful that they put them in separate snack groups, giving them a little more independence.  Paige is in the Green Group and Garrett is in the Red Group.  And the Director made my position official by giving me my very own "Miss Amy" name tag and declaring that I am in charge of the Yellow Group!  YAY!