Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Visit From the Savages

 This month we enjoyed a visit from Steve's sister's family!  They were only in Sacramento for a very short visit, but it just happened to coincide with Luke's birthday... who just happened to share a birthday with his Grandma Shirley.  We knew it was still hard for Christie to celebrate such a tough day since their mom passed, and felt it would be nice to throw him a party to take the pressure off her!  It ended up being such a special day.  I even got to take some quick birthday portraits for him!

Debbie and I worked together to plan a complete "Cat in the Hat" themed birthday party.  I made the cake, which featured the Cat's hat on top. 

 I also made some Cat in the Hat marshmallow pops that turned out so cute and were SO easy to make!

We had the party at Debbie's house and she some great "green eggs" for appetizers.  She also did a fabulous job decorating for the party!

I'm pretty sure the birthday boy was extremely happy with the whole event, and particularly enjoyed the "Pin the Bowtie on the Cat" game that his Uncle Steve made.  But most of all it was obvious that he enjoyed hanging out with his family, which was the best gift of all!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Sad Anniversary

March 3rd will always be a tough day around our house, particularly this year.  It has been one year since Shirley left to go wait for us in heaven.  We know we'll see her again one day, but we sure miss her in the interim.  We thought a lot about how best to celebrate her life, and decided to go and put flowers on her mom and dad's graves.  We know it was something that she would be thankful for.

After that we went out for sushi as a family... which is something we often did when she came to visit us.  Then it was off to Lowe's to go buy flowers for our pots in the front of the house.  Shirley loved to garden and always had amazing flowers outside.  So it seemed appropriate that we do that together as a family in her honor!

Steve and I also completed a memorial album, which was a year-long process to complete. Over the last year, we often stalled out in the completion of the album, because it was so hard to look through the pictures.  But it seemed appropriate to finally finish it at the anniversary of her passing.  Here's an example of what the pages looks like.

We miss you terribly, Shirley, and think of you often!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paige... Super Model

One of the benefits of being a photographer is that you can work deals with other small businesses to exchange services for pictures.  I recently worked with a boutique clothing designer to get some photos of her latest outfit for her website and Facebook page, in exchange for a cute outfit for Paige.  Paige LOVES getting all girlie, and was more than happy to model for me.  I think she's a natural!

A weekend away...

The weekend before our anniversary, Steve and I enjoyed our very first over-nighter away from our children EVER!  We had been whining for at least a couple of years that we've never been about to get away, so I decided that for our anniversary, it was time to stop whining and just make it happen.  Best idea EVER!  It also just happened to be the same weekend our friends, Freddie and DeAnna, scheduled their next fundraiser for their adoption from Haiti.  And the fundriaser? .... Adult PROM!

So I lined up two different friends to help me out in my quest to get away with Steve, and we were off for the weekend.  Prom was in Lodi, so we booked a hotel nearby the venue.  We spent Saturday afternoon being tourists, shopping and enjoying a leisurely lunch out.  Then we checked into the hotel and got ready for our evening on the town.  Since we were getting all dolled up for the dance, we figured we'd also enjoy a fancy dinner out.  That turned out to be an awesome plan!

"Adult Prom" turned out to be a blast.  Freddie and DeAnna did an outstanding job putting together a fun evening.  Our mutual friend, Terry, volunteered his time to take photos of the whole event, including the pictures you see above.  I was SO thrilled about this because in my haste to get away for the weekend, I had forgotten to bring my camera.  Oops!  Here's Freddie and DeAnna on their special evening.  They are number ONE on the waiting list to adopt a son from Haiti!

One of the highlights of the evening was when they projected songs onto the screen using Dance Central on Xbox.  Everyone got into the dances and it was like a flash mob!  So. Much. Fun.

Steve and I spent the next day in total relaxation.  We slept in and he served me breakfast in bed in our room.  Then we drove back to Sacramento and spent the afternoon at a movie, doing some shopping, and enjoying a sushi lunch.  What a FABULOUS weekend.  The next weekend away definitely won't take another 5 years to do!