Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Celebration #2

On February 9th we celebrated the day that Garrett and Paige was born with our little family.  I thought I'd make some little four-inch cakes for them and asked them what they would like.  Paige said "chocolate" and Garrett said "M&M's"... so I made it simple on myself and just put an M&M rainbow on them.  They were thrilled.  Just goes to show you that it doesn't take much to thrill a 3-year old.

You may notice the fake candles on the cakes.  We forgot our candles at ArtBeast after their big birthday party, so once again we employed our fake candles.  They didn't care one little bit and even tried to blow them out!

We took turns singing "Happy Birthday" to them because I was feeling guilty that they had to share their special day.  But quite frankly I don't think they really cared.

Then it was time to open their gifts and cards from their extended family.  It was a lengthy process because they wanted to stop and enjoy each item that they opened.  But Molly was quick to spur them on and be their "helper".

One of the highlights was when Garrett received his very first Whoopie cushion.  The funny part about this, is that you would think that something like this would have come from one of his many mischievous aunties.  But... ironically it came from Nani and Papa!  Ha ha ha!

A visit from Nani and Papa

Last week we enjoyed a fabulous visit from my Mom and Dad.  It had been since last summer since we had seen them, and the kids were SO excited for their arrival.  Unfortunately, the night before they flew in Molly had a horrible accident.  She was steaming her stuffy nose to try and open it up before bedtime, and she accidentally knocked over the little steamer and dumped the boiling water on her lap.  She instantly started screaming, and as we quickly peeled her pajamas off her, it was obvious that she had second-degree burns because her skin was starting to peel off.  We threw her in a cool tub and called the advice nurse who, based on the size of the burn, told us to go in to the E.R.  After about an hour of screaming, a trip to the E.R., some good pain medication and some burn ointment... she was much better.  I was SO thankful for my friend Dr. Susan Lin, who I called on the way to the E.R. to see if she was working.  She wasn't, but just showed up to be a support and comfort to Molly (and me).  Now that's what I call a friend.  Anyways, I didn't take any pictures of her burn because quite frankly, I don't want to remember it.  But it covered her entire right hip and groin.

Anywhoo... the next day we picked up my parents from the airport.  The kids picked up with them like they had just seen them last week.  There was a lot of cuddling and book reading, which made everyone involved happy!

On the weekend we were busy with the celebration of Garrett and Paige's birthday (see previous post), so Monday I decided to keep Molly from school so we could all spend the day together at the zoo.  This proved to be a fabulous day together!

One of my kids favorite places in the zoo is the reptile house.  Molly loves the alligator and Garrett loves the snakes.  I love seeing their budding biological curiosity!

The zoo had just re-opened the otter exhibit and it was great to see it.  One of the little otters came right up to the glass to check out the twins' in the stroller and started sniffing Garrett's feet.  Such sweet curious little critters!

All in all, it was a fabulous visit with Nani and Papa.  It was sad to see them go, but I'm sure we'll make a trek up north to see them this summer.  After dropping them off at the airport, we were driving away and Garrett said, "Where are Nani and Papa going?".  I said that they were going home on an airplane.  He said, "Noooooo.... but I'll miss them!"  It's always hard to say goodbye.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Garrett and Paige's birthday party

On Saturday we celebrated Garrett and Paige's third birthday (a few days early).  We planned it to coincide with a visit from my parents, which was such a special treat for them.  And since they were going to be in town, I thought it was better to plan the event at another location.  So we scheduled it at ArtBeast, which is a fabulous children's art studio.  That was the smartest move I've ever made... because I didn't have to clean up afterwards!  Whoo whoo!  Here's the birthday twins!

Their little buddies came and enjoyed playing at the various stations ArtBeast had available.  They had everything from painting, to clay, to pretend play, to water play... you name it.

And of course Garrett and Paige enjoyed some of the fun activities available to them before the formal party activities started.

Booking a party at ArtBeast includes your own private party room, and they provide plates and napkins for everyone.  The room is a windowed in balcony and is so bright and cheerful.  I loved it!  All I had to do was provide cupcakes and snacks!

And of course Molly was thrilled that her bestie, Keilani, came with her little sister.  Those two were inseparable the whole time.

ArtBeast also provided a craft just geared towards our toddler/preschooler party.  They decorated masks which they seemed to enjoy!

Although I really wanted to make a fancy cake, I decided that the effort would be lost on three-year olds, and instead went with cupcakes because they would be easier to serve.  But I tried to go with the "art" theme and made them rainbow colored!

And I'm happy to report that Garrett and Paige blew out the candles and Steve was able to ensure that they didn't grab the hot candles!  He had to be quick because they wanted to grab those candles off their cupcakes and start eating!

Then it was time to open presents.  Garrett kept saying, "Is this for me?  Is this for me?" and Paige would ooohhhh and aaahhhh after every gift she opened.  They definitely have the whole "gift opening" thing down pat now.

It was such a special celebration of the sweetest little twinsies in the world.  And when everything was said and done, I was extremely happy to walk away and let someone else clean it up for me.  Best. Party. Ever.