Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On Monday, we took the kids on a one-day adventure to Disneyland.  It was a bit of a last-minute decision to squeeze in a visit while we were down in Southern California for Thanksgiving, but Molly REALLY wanted to go.  So we made a deal with the kids that a day in Disneyland was going to be their Christmas present from us and there wouldn't be anything else from us under the tree.  They agreed, so off we went!

Our first stop (by request of the kids) was going to be Pirates of the Caribbean but it was closed which was a bummer, so we took them on the jungle cruise and pretended we were pirates in a boat.  They all wanted to bring their Mickey mouse ears and this was the only time all three of them had them on at the same time.  Paige was the first to discard hers...

The next requested spot was the Nemo Submarine ride.  Here's Garrett on Steve's shoulders waiting in line.  The twins REALLY wanted to go on this since they've become obsessed with Nemo and sharks after Halloween.  However, Paige was a little less enthusiastic when they shut the hatch of the sub and they simulated the dive down.  That's when the screaming ensued.  Thankfully, once they started showing the fish she calmed right down and if you asked her what her favorite thing was at Disneyland... she says "Nemo".

After the Nemo ride, that's when the lines really started getting long and we questioned our wisdom of coming the week of Thanksgiving.  So we ducked into Innovations to check out some of the futuristic displays.  Molly was so intrigued by the thought of seeing a real live robot that we had to come back later to see the Asimo show.  Garrett and Paige were more interested in looking at things through magnifying glasses.

Then we were off to the Princess Fantasy Faire.  The kids collectively decided that they didn't want to wait in line to meet the princesses individually, and preferred to just see the stage show.  How can we argue with that?  And when the princesses came out on stage, they flipped out.  Being in Disneyland with young kids is so wonderful because they truly buy into the "magic" of it all! 

As you can see above, by this point Molly was the only one left with her Mickey ears on.  I found this interesting because I knew they weren't comfortable for her (she kept fiddling with them) but she flat out refused to take them off.  She was in Disneyland and she wasn't going to be seen without her ears on!  Here's Daddy with the twins in Chip and Dale's Treehouse and you can see Molly hiding behind a branch in the bottom left hand corner with her ears still on!

Next, I set up on Main Street to stake out a spot for the parade (and let Paige have a nap) and Steve took the kids to the Tiki Room so they could have a little rest as well.  Then they joined me and we watched the Christmas Parade.  I think this was my favorite part of the day.  Disney definitely knows how to entertain... from amazing floats to choreographed dancing characters to ladies dressed as snowflakes on roller skates.  It was seriously fabulous.  And of course, Santa finished off the parade!

 After a few more rides, we had dinner and did a little shopping.  Here's Steve trying out his Mad Hatter attire.  Ha ha ha!

By this point it was dark out and getting late, but the kids didn't want to stop so we kept going!  We spent some time in Fantasyland hitting up some of the slower-paced kiddie rides like the carousel.  

Disneyland at night is AMAZING.  Just seeing the castle and "It's a Small World" all lit up was unreal.  But then they did this crazy light show on the front of "It's a Small World" where they projected Christmas images on the front of it to music.  And at the end... they literally made it SNOW in Fantasyland.  Seriously. There must have been some kind of snow machines staged all around and it just started coming down.  And when the lights and music stopped... the snow stopped.  It's was CRAZY!

The kids lasted until 8:30 and declared that they were done... at which point Molly finally took her Minnie ears off.  We bee-lined out of the park and caught the 8:45 fireworks while waiting in line for the tram to take us to the parking garage.  Actually, Garrett missed the fireworks because he had passed out cold in the stroller.  It was a fabulous day and I think Mommy and Daddy enjoyed it as much as the kids did!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

Garrett and Paige had their first trip to the dentist on Monday!  I first made the appointment for Molly because her first adult teeth are coming in behind her baby teeth and I wanted to make sure everything was going to be okay.  But then I figured that the twins are almost three years old and it was time that they became familiar with the dentist.

Molly did great and the dentist felt comfortable that her baby teeth would fall out on their own and wouldn't need to be pulled.  Phew!  Then it was the twins' turn... and Garrett knew it.  He started bawling and saying "No dentist!  No dentist!".  But then Paige climbed up in the chair and said "My turn!  Tickle my teeth!".  Paige sat there like a pro through the entire cleaning and when she was done, Garrett decided he wasn't going to be one-upped and open wide for the technician.  Now granted, they both were sitting on my lap in order to be compliant (like you see in the picture below) but it worked so who cares!  And all their teeth checked out perfectly!

One thing we've noticed is that Garrett has inherited my tendency for nervous laughter.  I've been known to laugh right through job interviews... and Garrett apparently laughs right through dental appointments!  And if anyone in the Sacramento area needs an awesome dentist, go see Dr. Tuttle on Eastern.  He and his staff are FABULOUS!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a fabulous Halloween this year. The festivities started the weekend before, and while I was working, Steve carved the pumpkins with the kiddos. Realistically, he did pretty much all the carving, but the kids drew on the pumpkins and helped scrape them out.

Super Dad also saved and washed all the seeds, and then roasted them in the oven. The kids LOVED the roasted pumpkin seeds (as did Mom and Dad).

We decided to spend Halloween evening with Steve's cousin's family out in Lincoln, which ended up being so much fun. The kids ALWAYS love hanging out with their cousins, especially dressed in costume! And I was absolutely floored that we got a photo of all six of them looking at the camera and smiling.

Debbie dressed Hayden as the cutest little clown ever. Isn't he absolutely adorable?

Then we joined a bunch of the neighborhood kids and went door to door. Debbie's neighborhood is so fabulous because it's full of young families and people go all out decorating. There were so many kids and families out on the streets and it felt so festive!

Paige gets the award for being our much aggressive trick-or-treater. She would squeeze her way right through a pack of bigger kids to get at the front of the "candy line". And when I asked her how she was enjoying her trick-or-treating... she flashed me a thumbs up!

Then it was back to Debbie's house to look through the bounty. This is only a very very small fraction of what they got, and the next day we sent pounds of candy to Steve's office (which they're still eating a week later).

All in all... it was a fabulous Halloween, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the whole event through the eyes of my children. It brings me back to the joy and excitement I had as a kid every Halloween!

Halloween Eve

The day before Halloween, we bought tickets to have a family evening at Disney on Ice! We were really looking forward to taking all the kids and seeing their excitement. We were not disappointed at all... because they were absolutely jazzed.

Disney definitely knows how to entertain. They've created this whole marketing beast... and I must admit that our kids are sucked right into it. Some of their favorite performances came from Aladdin....

And The Lion King...

And The Little Mermaid.

And of course Molly's favorite part was when all the princes and princesses came out at the end. In fact, she even mentioned that the show was good, but would have been better if it was all about "the princesses". Sigh...

After the show we took the kids to "In and Out" for burgers. The kids had such a fabulous afternoon, and Molly declared, "This is the best day EVER!"