Monday, October 31, 2011

Molly is Reading!

Well... I thought I'd take a break from all the Halloween posts and show you a video that I'm extremely proud of. Most of you know that Molly has struggled with language and goes to speech therapy twice a week. There was concern that it would delay her reading. But... she's really starting to get the hang of it! Here's a little video of her reading a book this afternoon. This book was sent home from school today, and this is the first time she's ever read it. I'm so proud of how well she's doing!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Kindergarten Party

On Friday, Molly celebrated Halloween in her kindergarten class. Most the kids got dressed up for the day, and Molly was VERY excited to show her friends her mermaid costume. Here she is with her buddy Hana the Wonder Woman.

Although the party was planned for the last hour of class, the kids still had to do their regular work in the morning. Here's Molly during their art lesson, working on her self portrait. It was fun watching her analyze her face in the mirror and than put her interpretation of what she saw on paper.

And then of course there was mat time where they go over the calendar. Isn't this the cutest bunch ever?

After their regular work was done, the did a costume parade through all the primary grade classrooms. Apparently the kindergarteners are the only ones that get to dress up for school, so all the older kids like seeing them.

While the kids were doing their parade around the school, the swarm of mommies decorated the classroom and got things ready for the party. I was blown away by the amount of work these parents put into this party. An impressive group of mommies, indeed. Some of the fun things they got to do included jack-o-lantern cookie decorating and pumpkin decorating.

And all the kids loved getting to dress their partners as toilet paper mummies.

I love that their class always plans special events on Fridays when I can be there. I love being able to enjoy my Friday's with Molly!

Halloween at Toddler Clas

Every Wednesday, me and the twins attend a "Mommy and Me" toddler class at Christ Community Church. I always enjoy that class because it's time set aside that I just have fun with the two of them. Last week we had a Halloween party and they got to wear their costumes. Here's Garrett decorating a pumpkin in his shark costume.

The class has a craft time, free play time, circle/song time and then snack. Here's Paige waiting patiently for her snack.

Before the kids get their snack, they all pray and thank God for the food. My heart melted when I saw my little shark praying.

Then they took off and trick-or-treated at the church offices. By now they know ALL about trick-or-treating and were quick to run up to each person and ask for some treats.

SMOM Halloween Party

I am several posts behind in my blogging and desperately need to catch up. Life is so busy right now between my work, Steve's work, speech therapy appointments and school commitments. But with all the business, we are having a LOT of fun. Last weekend we attended the SMOM Halloween Party. The kids were EXTREMELY excited for this party, because it was the first event (of many to follow) where they were able to wear their Halloween costumes! This year Molly decided that she HAD to be a mermaid. So in an attempt to keep Garrett and Paige in "theme", they were a shark and a clown fish.

There were a few fun activities planned for the kids at the SMOM party. My kids loved the pumpkin decorating station and each took home a gourd decorated with foam stickers.

The highlight for Molly was having her face painted, which is pretty much her favorite thing to do in the entire world. She had a "My Little Pony" painted on her face.

Of course there was a lot of food and treats for the kids.

And after we got the kids all sugared up, we had the brilliant idea of taking a group picture. This is something we have NEVER attempted at a SMOM function because we figure it would be absolute chaos. And you know what... even after all the sugar they consumed, they all sat there nicely for about 5 minutes and allowed the parents to take pictures. It was a Halloween miracle.

Then it was off to "Trunk or Treating". Thirteen different families decorated the trunks of the vehicles with a theme and handed out treats to the kids. Our theme (considering the kids' costumes) was "Under the Sea". Steve set up the sun canopy and created an "aquarium" of streamers and paper fish that the kids walked through to find Steve (dressed in a shark mask), who was handing out treats to the theme song from the Little Mermaid. He gets big brownie points for his fabulous creation!

It was so much fun and we really appreciate all the effort the club members put into it to make it such a special event for our kids!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cowan Jog-a-thon

Last week, Molly participated in her school's jog-a-thon to help raise money for COW's (Computers on Wheels). Molly raised over a $100 and hopefully they raised enough money to outfit an entire classroom with laptop computers! Thank you to all our friends and family who contributed. It was such an encouragement to her! The morning started out with a pep rally complete with a sea of red T-shirts and pompoms for waving!

And of course there was a visit from Rocky the Cowan Bobcat!

Then the kids lined up and got ready to start. Molly was just running with the primary grades (which I believe is K-3rd grade), but there were a TON of kids out there when you figure on two classes of every grade. Molly started out strong and confident!

The kids ran for 20 minutes straight, which is a lot for a kindergartner. It was soooooo sweet to see the kids cheer on one another. Molly jogged with her friend Hana for a long time and Hana was such a sweet encourager to Molly!

After they completed a lap of the field they got a quick mark on their back to keep track. Molly completed eight laps of the field! I was so proud of her!

When everything was done, the kids all got free Jamba Juice to cool off with! They were all so proud of themselves! And I was so proud of Molly!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When the cat's away... Part 2...

Last weekend I went to Tahoe with some friends from my Mothers of Multiples group. It was just a small group, and we spent the weekend lounging in our jammies, getting pedicures, watching chick flicks, and playing board games. It was FABULOUS! Here's a few of us in our jammies and picture of me in front of the lake!

And here's the beverage of choice for the weekend. Yes... that bottle of wine is called "Mommy Juice". We thought that was highly appropriate!

While I was gone, Steve was once again "Super Dad" and did a myriad of fun things with the kids. On Saturday, they used our Groupon to Dave's Pumpkin Patch and it sounds like they had a blast.

Some of the favorite activities included making angels in the "sand box" filled with corn, the corn maze, and face painting!

And obviously all that activity wore them out significantly. Here's the picture Daddy took on the drive home!

The next day, Steve took the kids to their cousin Hayden's second birthday party. The party had a Halloween theme and the kids had such a blast that it's all they could talk about when I got home! Debbie made a pumpkin patch for the kids, did bobbing for apples, had a pumpkin decorating station, and even had Aunt Katie doing face painting!

Here's Molly and her little cousins with their awesome face paint all completed! Molly even had her hair sprayed pink and silver!

And of course, no party is complete without cake!

It looks like Steve and the kids had a fabulous weekend together, and I DEFINITELY enjoyed my break from parenthood. Once again, further proof that I married the best husband and father EVER!

When the cat's away, the engineer will play

Two weekends ago, I flew down to San Diego to shoot a wedding for some friends (you can check that out here). While I was away, Steve decided to give the kids a science lesson and made a model volcano out of a bottle and some leftover grout mix! Yah... he's the best Daddy ever.

When their volcano was dry, he put together the necessary ingredients to get the lava going. Here's the live action video!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A visit to the Pumpkin Farm

Last week, Garrett and Paige visited the Pumpkin Farm with their "Mommy and Me Toddler Class" that we do through Christ Community Church. It's always so much fun and they were SO excited to go. Can you tell by this picture that they're a little jazzed?

Their little twin friends, Isaac and Jadis, are also a part of the class. The group was a little less jazzed to pose for this picture.

This is their teacher, Miss Jocelyn, who happens to be the same teacher that they had last year for this class. They LOVE her and I especially appreciate her because she is consistently my second set of hands with my twins. She is just fabulous!

This was the first year that Garrett and Paige were actually interested in the corn maze, and they took off in a race. Good thing the corn maze is simply a winding path with only one way to go. I would have lost them!

They also enjoyed the various slides that were available to play on. Here's Garrett at the tree slide.

And the day ended with the kids picking their pumpkins out to take home. It was a fabulous morning and every day they ask to go back!