Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This post is a little mind blowing to me, because I still haven't wrapped my mind around the fact that my sweet little Molly has started kindergarten. It seemed like the years between 2 years old and 5 years old have FLOWN by. She's going to Cowan Fundamental which is about a half mile from our house. You have to open enroll to get into the school, and she was on the waiting list for a while but we are really happy she got in. Last Friday, we got to go visit her new classroom and meet her teacher. She was a little nervous but got quite excited when her teacher gave her a giant new book to take home with her!

Then on Monday morning, the whole family (including Steve who stayed home from work) took Molly to school. Here she is just before we left the house and with Daddy at the school.

The kids all met at the kindergarten playground and their teacher marched them in a line to the classroom and had them all hang up their bags outside. Molly used her Princess backpack that she got for her birthday!

Then the kids all sat on the floor mat and the teacher kicked out the parents. Okay... we weren't really "kicked out". But she nicely informed us that the PTC (Parent Teacher Committee) was hosting a nice breakfast for the kindergarten parents to attend to get to know one another. I thought that was a nice way to encourage all those parents to leave the class and get to know one another!

And here's her teacher... Mrs. Lorca. So far I'm really happy with her and she seems like a great match for Molly's timid personality. I'm looking forward to volunteering in the classroom and getting to know her better. My first day in the class is this Friday! I'm ecstatic to see the high level of parental involvement at this school, and Mrs. Lorca has two parents volunteering in class EVERY day. That's amazing to me! Here's looking forward to a great school year!

Monday, August 22, 2011

No more babies...

Well, this weekend was a big milestone around our house. Garrett and Paige graduated from cribs to "big kid" beds. On Saturday I took some pictures of the cribs and dresser, posted them on Craiglist, and within 5 hours all three pieces of furniture were sold! Garrett and Paige didn't seem too put out by the whole event. Here's Paige playing in Garrett's crib tent that had been removed.

We had bought a used sports car bed for Garrett several months ago and found a little more "feminine" car bed for Paige recently. Needless to say they were an INSTANT hit.

And then I found an entire line of bedding at IKEA that had a fairly gender neutral transportation theme that we loved!

I have to say that the transition has been absolutely seamless. The first night they went to bed and fell asleep without a peep. I was seriously floored, especially considering it was such a horrible transition for Molly. It literally took us WEEKS of putting her to bed over and over and over before she would stay put. But not with Garrett and Paige. They go to bed, go to sleep, and in the morning they lay in bed and talk to each other until we come in and get them. It's seriously amazing and I wonder if waiting the extra six months helped. Molly had just turned two when we transitioned her... and the twins are two and a half. Either way, the one draw back to fun car beds is that they are a bit of a jungle gym!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Face Painting

On Saturday while the twins were napping, Molly asked me if she could get the face paint out and paint Garrett & Paige's faces when they woke up. I told her that if they LET her paint their faces, she was welcome to do it. Really in the back of my mind I was thinking that there was NO WAY that they would let her near them with a paint brush. I was wrong.

Garrett was the first to wake up, and Molly kindly asked him if she could paint his face to make him look like Spider-man. He was more than happy to comply. I love the top picture of him watching her paintbrush.

And here's the completed work of art. I would like to introduce Spider-man... as seen through the eyes of a 5-year old.

When Paige woke up, she was a little less sold on the idea of face painting. But Molly convinced her that a painting just on her cheek would work just fine.

Here's Paige when she was all done. Molly started painting a butterfly and wasn't happy with this results. So she wiped it all off and replaced it with a bumblebee.

And of course, Molly wanted me to do her face too. It started out with a rainbow and cloud on one cheek. Which was then replicated on the other side. And then she asked for a butterfly on her nose. And then a caterpillar on her chin. And finally, a heart around her mouth. Here's the completed work of art!

I was a little worried about the mess she might create, but the kids had so much fun and it entertained them all afternoon! It was a good reminder that a little mess is worth the memories that are made!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Part 8

Alrighty... this is the LAST post about our trip. Our last full day of vacation was a busy one. In the morning, Christie and I took the kids to their local park. They live in a fabulous neighborhood and the park (and Hailey's school) is only about a block away!

It was such a fun little park, with something for everyone to enjoy. And everything that Molly and Hailey did, had a "make believe" story attached to it. Here they are "riding the horse" to save Rapunzel!

And of course the 2-year olds found plenty to do as well. Paige even shared her swing with cousin Luke!

After lunch and naps, we joined Scott at the Cure JM (Juvenile Myositis) Benefit Concert. One of Scott's friends has a little boy suffering from this disease and every year they throw this huge benefit concert to raise money for research and awareness. Scott volunteered at it all day and we were excited to join him. One of the headliners was Blake Lewis, the beat box guy from American Idol. I have to admit that I was quite impressed with him, and loved watching him record and loop his vocals on the fly right on stage. It was pretty cool!

The kids had a BLAST dancing to the music... but Garrett definitely stole the show. He danced non-stop the entire time, and even flirted with Blake's back-up dancers when they came down into the audience.

There was also a TON of free activities there for the kids, including all kinds of inflatables like slides and bounce houses. Here's Garrett and Paige waiting for the balloon guy tie some balloons for them.

Steve waited with Hailey and Molly in a long line to get their faces painted. They were SO determined to get their faces done that they actually waited over an hour and half in line!

But the results were worth it... and they were two very excited little girls!

It was such a fabulous day with the Savage clan. It was hard to leave for home the next morning and almost all the kids (and maybe the Mommy's too) were in tears when we left. The drive home was long, but the kids did amazing and were angels the entire day. And thus ends another summer road trip for our family. What a wonderful adventure!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Part 7

Our time in British Columbia eventually had to come to and end, so it was back on the ferry to make our way to Portland. I don't know what it was about this particular ferry trip (because we've been on a LOT of them), but both Steve and I mentioned how much we enjoyed it. It was so nice just watch the beautiful scenery float by on such a gorgeous sunny day!

We didn't arrive in Portland until quite late. But the next day the kids were excited and ready to go play with their cousins. Christie's kids are exactly the same age as ours, so it couldn't be more perfect. And on our first day there, Hailey had planned to go to VBS (Vacation Bible School) at her church, so Molly just tagged along. While they were there, Christie, Steve & I took the 2-year olds to the zoo!

The kids had a blast, and they were able to get up close and personal with many of the animals, including the lorakeets, otters and sea lions. My personal favorite was the bat exhibit, because it was so cool to see them doing everything upside down!

Then we were off to pick up the girls and enjoy a hotdog lunch at their church with all the VBS kids. I love this picture of all the cousins together because all their personalities shine through.

After naps, we stayed close to home and enjoyed their awesome backyard. We had a BBQ'ed dinner out on the porch and then the kids chowed back some ice cream cones.

It was such a nice evening and it was so great to spend time Christie's family. But I think both Steve and I went to bed longing to live closer to them. It was just really great to see all the cousins enjoy one another so much!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Part 6

One of the highlights of staying with my Mom and Dad on vacation (besides seeing family and the fact that we have the entire bottom floor to ourselves), is that they live in a gated community with a pool. And because this pool happens to be in British Columbia... it's HEATED! Oh yah! So every single day my dad would take our family to the pool after naptime. It was so much fun. But the highlight for me was seeing how far the kids have come with their swimming in just one summer. Molly started the summer timidly swimming with her floaties, and she's now swimming up to 10 feet at a time without floaties, jumping into the pool, and eagerly going under the water to do headstands and flips.

Garrett started the summer EXTREMELY timid and would cling to my body for dear life. But in Canada he was swimming short distances with his life jacket on and this week I bought him floaties and he used them for the first time!

And Paige... Paige is a fish. Like Garrett she started the summer in a life jacket. But by the end of the summer she is now swimming around the pool with floaties on like she's been doing it her whole life. She will swim the ENTIRE length of the pool and get mad at you if you try and help her.

I'm so thankful that the kids are becoming so comfortable in the pool and it's so fun that my parents have been able to see them show off their new skills!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Part 5

While we were in B.C. we visited a couple of hobby farms. The first was an alpaca farm where they raised the animals for wool and meat. Steve got very interested in alpacas after his sister's family visited some in Portland, and ever since then he's wanted to go see some. Well, he definitely got his fill of alpacas here!

And they even had a couple of llamas to throw into the mix as well!

For $20, the owners will take your family on a farm tour and let you feed the animals. Molly and Garrett jumped right in, and were so excited to feed them. Paige started out pretty overwhelmed by the animals, but soon warmed up and was ready to join in the fun.

My mom even got into it, which is amazing considering she's not a huge fan of anything dirty. Or furry. But here she is feeding the baby alpaca!

And even I put my camera down for a short while to get some alpaca love!

The kids also got to meet and feed a rather large horse, which was both and exciting and scary for them at the same time! I love the look of total awe on Garrett's face here.

After our time there, we went to another hobby farm known for it's organic fair trade chocolate. After some chocolate sampling (and purchasing) the kids enjoyed a cup of organic ice cream!

The farm grew a variety of organic produce and had an assortment of ducks, chickens and turkeys. The baby turkeys were hilarious because they would puff up like the adult turkeys and try and look tough. Pretty adorable!

The farm also had some beautiful flower gardens which made for a fun photo opportunity. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and the kids napped very soundly after running around all morning. I hope that this experience visiting farms gave them a better understanding of where our food comes from.