Monday, May 30, 2011

Sacramento County Fair

This morning while Steve was working on his bathroom renovation, I took the kids to the County Fair. They had SO much fun and I'm kicking myself for not bringing my good camera. But at least I had enough wisdom to bring our point and shoot! First stop of the day was the pony rides. This was Garrett's FIRST pony ride and he absolutely loved it. He enjoyed telling the horse to "Giddy Up!". Paige was not as willing to saddle up.

Then we went to the petting zoo. That was the best $2.00 a kid I've ever spent. They could have spent hours with those animals. Garrett was in love with the wallabies and could often be found hopping along after them.

When he finally figured out the wallabies didn't want to play with him, he decided that hugging the goats was way more fun.

Paige was my animal "whisperer". She would very gently touch them, try to look them in the eye, and then jibber jabber to them in some unknown language. Here she found some twin kid goats and she was obviously commiserating with them about being a twin.

Here's a picture of Molly next to a rather large llama. This thing was over twice Molly's size when standing!

But the highlight for Molly was having her face painted. She chose a rainbow butterfly and she has made me promise her that she gets to keep the paint on all day. I may need to invest in some face paint when I see the joy this simple thing brought her.

What a wonderful morning with my kids. There wasn't a single melt down. There wasn't a single tantrum. And I just enjoyed every single moment with them!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Look who graduated preschool! I almost can't believe it. My sweet little girl is growing up so fast. Yesterday they had a little ceremony for all the "grads" at a local park. It was very informal but a nice way to commemorate the passing of another milestone. Her group teacher, Miss Debbie, gave her a certificate and a hug and told her how proud she was of her. Molly was very excited!

And here's Molly and her two besties, Ava and Keilani. It's so special to know that the three Mommies all go to church together, were pregnant together and then we were there watching our three girls graduate to kindergarten together. Time flies. They are all going to different kindergartens, but will still see each other a lot with church activities.

After our time at the park, Andrea and I took the three girls for a special lunch at Smashburger. It was the perfect end to a perfect morning.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday, I had my camera out and the kids were climbing all over me wanting me to take their picture. Paige was tugging on my shirt saying "Cheese! Cheese!". Who am I to turn down a quick opportunity to take pictures of these sweet little smiles?

And this is usually more like the kind of expressions that I seem to be getting out of Paige lately! She makes a funny face and then chuckles to herself like she's thinking, "I'm so hilarious!" It cracks me up!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hanging with the cousins...

Not much has been happening around here. Molly only has two weeks left of being a preschooler, which is a little mind blowing to me. She was accepted into Cowan Elementary for kindergarten, and we are really happy about that because the school has an excellent reputation. Garrett and Paige just finished their Mommy and Me toddler class for the year and will be repeating it next fall. Summer is almost in full swing! I also signed them all up for swim lesson for the month of July. I was able to get private lessons and it will just be the teacher, me and the three kids. I wasn't sure how I was going to work getting the twins swim lessons (since they outnumber me) so I'm eager to see how this works out!

This weekend we took a trip to Steve's cousin's house. The trip was two-fold: to have a visit and also give me an opportunity to take Brandon's senior pictures (which you can see here). The kids always love seeing their cousins and they all play so well together and is so fun to watch!

Debbie gave the kids ice cream cones, and it was the first time Garrett and Paige had ever had one! We had to show them how to bite into them, and when they figured out they could eat their ice cream "container"... they were all over it! Another sign that summer is just around the corner!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Family Vacation

This is going to be a VERY long post. I probably should break it up into multiple posts... but I just don't know where to splice it so you're getting the WHOLE thing. Last weekend, we packed up the family and took a trip to the Central Coast. We met Christie's family and Jim there as a sort of "family retreat" considering the last few months were quite challenging. And what an enjoyable trip it was!

This was the first "family" trip we've taken with the twins that did not involve staying with other family. We stayed in Pismo Beach and our hotel was right on the bluff. Although our room was considered "no ocean view", the photo above was the view from our porch. AND the best part is that it was a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom suite that we got for crazy cheap because it was off season and mid-week. Having a 2-bedroom suite was definitely the way to travel with kids. And little did we know that the room came with a "pet" that enjoyed eating the kids' Cheerios in the morning.

Steve, his sister, and his brother-in-law all went to college in San Luis Obispo, so this was a bit of a home coming for them. It became a bit of a "food tour" of some of the Central Coast's more famous restaurants. We ate BBQ at Mo's, clam chowder at Splash, and pizza at Klondike's. Here's Molly and Hailey waiting for their BBQ our first night there. Can you tell they're happy to see one another?

I'm a bit of a clam chowder snob (being from the coast of British Columbia) but I must say that the clam chowder at Splash was by far the best I have ever had. Here's grandpa and the grandkids outside of Splash. Remind you of a prison line-up?

Our first night there we enjoyed a nice walk along the boardwalk. The kids were SO happy just to be out of the van, and were running around in circles. Literally.

On our first full day there, we did what you're supposed to do... go to the beach. Avila Beach to be exact. It was pretty windy out and quite chilly, but Molly and Hailey didn't seem to care.

The twins however, were not as happy about the experience and spent most of their time in tears or stuck to Steve and I.

Despite the wind, fun was had by all. Kites were flown. Water was waded. Castles were built. And of course, the engineer daddies (Steve and Scott) dug a big hole to put people into.

After naps, the kids perked up and we enjoyed a sunset walk on the beach by the hotel. It was an AMAZING beach with caves and endless sand. The perfect backdrop for me and my camera! In fact, Scott took a picture of me taking the picture seen below!

And when you have a beautiful backdrop like that, of course you need to get the requisite photos of family members!

The kids had a blast and were completely wet and muddy by the time we hiked back home. Once again Molly was bubbling over with excitement.

Paige spent a lot of time playing in the water with Daddy. She probably would have dove right in if he had let her.

Garrett, on the other hand, could be seen running away from the waves screaming "Scared! I'm scared of the water!" He preferred dry land...

The next day we took it easy and took the kids to a local park. They enjoyed running around and we enjoyed not having to worry about them getting all wet and sandy.

We also spent some time at Cambria enjoying the amazing views the bluffs have to offer. The flowers were all in bloom, there were critters everywhere (rabbits, squirrels, birds) and the sea lions were sunning themselves out on the rocks. It was absolutely beautiful!

On our last day we had dinner in Atascadero on our way out of town. The weather was perfect and there was a park right across the street from Sylvester's where we ate (another restaurant on the "food tour"). Molly spent most of her time stuck to Grandpa, knowing that we were going to be heading home from there.

Paige spent all her time chasing Luke around.

And Garrett spent his time with his favorite person in the world... his Daddy!

What a fabulous vacation. There was talk about it being an annual adventure. I hope that pans out to be the case because it was so much fun!