Saturday, January 29, 2011

Almost TWO!

It is beyond belief that my sweet babies are going to be two years old in just under 2 weeks. Steve and I honestly don't remember the first year, but the second year has been so much fun. They have seriously turned into the sweetest little people. So today we took them out to take some portraits to commemorate their second year. Garrett was the easiest this time to shoot. Probably because I put him on his tricycle to prevent him from running away from my camera.

Paige was not as easy to shoot today. If she wasn't screaming at me, she would flash me her latest "cheese" smile. She so stinking cute though.

I also shot a couple of Molly for her Valentine's at school. She is all about posing for the camera and was cracking me up!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Day!

This Saturday, Steve and I packed up the kids and headed to the mountains to enjoy the snow. It was a lot of work to get everything ready but totally worth it. And let me tell you... there's nothing cuter than three adorable kids stumbling around in snow gear!

We started our adventure with a little trek in the snow. Garrett and Paige got a free ride in the back packs and we took turns pulling Molly in the sled.

When we found a good spot it was time for sledding! Molly and Garrett LOVED it! Paige... not so much. And once again Steve gets the prize for "Father of the Year".

We had so much fun and I'm sure we will make another trip up the mountain before the snow melts.

Winter in California

I must admit that there's nothing better than a California winter. It's similar to spring where I grew up... sunny and ranging in temperatures from cool to warm. This week it's been hovering between 60-70F and couldn't have been more beautiful out. What better excuse to get the kids outside and running around enjoying our backyard!

In fact, there is so little ice around Sacramento in the winter that when Molly's preschool class discussed igloos, I found her in the kitchen later that day with an ice cube tray trying to build one. She was very intrigued with the idea of making houses out of ice!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes... I'm a slacker...

Yes... I know. I'm a blogging slacker. Life has been nothing less than crazy lately. But I know I need to be more purposeful about updating this for my family that live far away. All my mental energy has been focused on medical appointments lately... mine, the kids, and extended family.

This weekend the kids were hit by a horrible bug which ended up being a combination head cold and stomach bug. Other than that, the kids are doing great. Both Paige and Molly have qualified for speech therapy which is FABULOUS, but that means one appointment a week for Paige and two a week for Molly. That keeps us running.

And the update on me. My test results are back and my growth hormone levels were the same both on the medication and off the medication. So the meds I was taking for the tumor weren't helping nor hindering my high GH levels. What does that mean? I don't know. My endocrinologist is going to be sharing my case with his peers and then will be contacting me this week with "treatment options". I'm not worried at all and have complete peace about it considering what Steve's mom is going through (see below). It gives me perspective.

Over the last couple of weeks we have learned that Steve's mom's cancer has metastasized. This means her medical team is speeding things along to get her back on chemo. So we will be making a trip down to southern California when we find out what her chemo schedule is so we can help out. This has us on our knees and we are laying it in God's hands daily. If you want to follow her journey, Christie is keeping a CaringBridge blog for her HERE.

Needless to say, that means that I haven't had much time or energy to be blogging. I am also going to be scaling back on my photography business after I have completed my current bookings. This is a season that we just need to be focused on family. So that's the latest and greatest. All things considered... we are doing well. We are using this as an opportunity to re-prioritize and focus on God for our strength. And He is definitely providing exactly that!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sooooo... I was wrong...

So... a few weeks back I wrote a blog post (see here) about getting some lab work back and "self interpreting" the results and declaring that surgery wasn't going to happen. Well... I was wrong. Apparently those test results weren't the complete story, and when the remainder of the results came back and my endocrinologist ran a bunch of calculations it showed that there is still indeed a significant problem with my growth hormone. So, they took me off the medication I was on to suppress the pituitary tumor and repeated the IV testing again today. If my growth hormone continues to be out of whack then apparently they will want to surgically remove the tumor. The testing wasn't a big deal (2.5 hours sitting around with an IV), but I am nervous about getting the results back. Obviously I'm not thrilled with the idea of them digging around under my brain. But I trust God and trust the medical team I'm working with. And, as always, we appreciate your prayers! Thanks!