Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What a fun Halloween "weekend" we've had. I was shooting a session Saturday morning, so Steve took the kids to the zoo. He gets BIG "Daddy points" for this, as I know how difficult it can be to track two toddlers going in two different directions. He not only handled it with ease, but he even snapped a couple of pictures with his camera phone! He's a superstar!

And then of course today was Halloween. We started the morning with a big breakfast and I attempted to make "jack-o-lantern pancakes" (a.k.a. - pancakes with orange food coloring and a face made out of chocolate chips).

Then we were off to church, to which Molly insisted on wearing a princess dress. Of course that meant Paige had to wear one too. It was pretty cute to see Paige wanting to be just like Molly. And then this evening couldn't have been nicer for trick-or-treating. Check out this sunset!

We decided to take the kids to Christ Community Church (where Molly goes to preschool) where they host a huge Halloween carnival. They do "trunk or treating", where people decorate their cars and you go "trunk to trunk" to get your treats. Here's the kids just before we left. As you can tell, Paige was a little anxious to get going.

The church also had a TON of different bounce houses and games for every age group. We hung out in the preschool room and the kids played games to win more candy. The crowds were a little overwhelming at times, but the kids were pretty focused on getting more treats!

When we got home they all dumped their bags out on the floor and checked out their bounty. They rarely get candy and were so excited that we let them eat a bunch! Although I must say that Molly was equally excited to answer our front door and hand out candy to the people that came to our house.

And here's a little "before and after" that gives you an idea of what Garrett looked like after stuffing his cheeks full with M&M's. Yah... that's chocolate drool running down his face.

Smart Boy

Garrett is becoming quite the smart little boy... in good ways and "not so good" ways (as seen in the video below). In the first half of the video you'll see how he has figured out that Paige likes broccoli more than him, and that if he puts his broccoli on her tray she'll eat it for him. The funny thing is that he keeps saying "Here you go" likes he's doing her a favor.

In the second half of the video he's counting to six. I didn't even know he could do this until yesterday when I was counting something and after I said "one" he just kept going with the rest of the numbers. Not bad for a 20-month old kid!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Treats

Tonight I'm getting together with my SMOM friends (Sacramento Mothers of Multiples) and our "food theme" is Halloween treats. So Molly and I whipped up a batch of mini-cheeseballs that look like eyeballs! The best part is that you get to smash your eyeball between two crackers to eat it! Molly loved helping me and halved all the olives for me before pushing them into each cheeseball. She seems to have inherited her Mommy and Daddy's love for olives, because I think she ate half the jar herself!

Monday, October 25, 2010

In training...

Garrett and Paige have recently become quite interested in using the potty. It quickly became abundantly clear that we were going to have to have TWO potties, as it became a wrestling match between the two of them whenever the potty was out. They are far from ready to actually "potty train", and neither have ever actually peed in the potty, but they love sitting on it and when they get off they cheer like they just accomplished something huge. So when they are watching their afternoon show, I often break out the potties for them to practice.

It's fun watching them take the first step to being diaper free. They are getting so big so fast. Part of me wants them to stop growing up. And the other part is looking forward to never changing a diaper again!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turning two...

I can feel it. Garrett and Paige are on the cusp of the Terrible Twos. Wanna know why it's becoming so obvious?

You know what I like about this picture? I can still look at that sweet little angry face and I love it to pieces. That's the thing about motherhood... even when your kids are angry and miserable you can't help but love 'em.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The latest...

There hasn't been too much to write about lately. Life has been busy with preschool and doctor's appointments and dance classes and going out. The weekend flew by, particularly because Saturday was entirely taken up by our SMOM Clothing and Equipment Sale. We sold off a ton of Garrett and Paige's baby stuff which was nice. I worked the sale all day and Steve brought the kids over to visit which was a nice break. Here's Paige showing us what she wanted us to purchase.

As the weather is cooling down, we've sure been enjoying our backyard. It's funny to see the huge differences between Garrett and Paige. Garrett spends most of his outside time digging in the dirt. That boy loves to get dirty.

Paige on the other hand, likes to "clean" when she's outside. I have a couple of rags stashed that I use to wipe off the swings and slides when we're outside. Paige always finds them and proceeds to make sure that everything is wiped down. Her Nani would be proud. That girl does NOT like to have her hands dirty.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Medical Update

Well... on Monday I had my MRI. It's not a bad test IF you know what to expect. I was a little irritated that my technician didn't give me a clue of what was going on, including not informing me I was getting an IV until he was standing beside me with the needle. And then when it was done (45 minutes later) he unstrapped my head, pointed to the door and said "the exit is to the left". Um... thanks. I literally had to wander into the control room in my gown to ask when I should expect the results. Sigh...

Anyway, the good news is that I got the results today. Pretty quick turn around I'd say. It's exactly what my endocrinologist suspected... a small benign pituitary tumor. It's only 4-6 mm in size and completely treatable with medication and should not need surgery. It sounds like I should be on the medication for around 2 years and then they'll try to take me off it and see if it reappears. I'm happy with the results. If they didn't find anything at all I would have been like, "That nice... but what's causing the hormone issues?" And the tumor that is there won't need surgery and isn't in my brain. So that's good. I'd say God is still in the business of answering prayers.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is such a fabulous time of year. The weather is a little more mild (about 75F) and we have been enjoying our back yard so much. Garrett and Paige are getting better and better at kicking and throwing balls. And Molly could spend hours playing on the rope swing in our mulberry tree. I love autumn!

Monday, October 11, 2010

SMOM Halloween Party

On Saturday, we went to the SMOM Halloween Party. I found Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes for Garrett and Paige, and Molly dressed as Alice. They were pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

The kids got to decorate pumpkins and cupcakes, which is always a huge hit. The pumpkins were jazzed up with markers and stickers... much safer than letting the kids carve them with sharp implements!

After dinner and crafts, all the kids got to go trick-or-treating at the hostesses neighbors' houses! Our hostess (Christy) lives on a quiet road and is friends with many of her neighbors. They were so nice to let us bombard their homes with probably 50-60 kids and trick-or-treat in the BEGINNING of October. Garrett and Paige by this point were pretty tired so they stayed behind and hung out with Daddy.

Thanks Christy and SMOM for another awesome event!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

On Wednesday, Molly's preschool class (and the twins' "Mommy & Me" class) took a trip to the Pumpkin Farm. It was such a fun morning, and Molly had a great time with her little friends. We had a hay ride, took a trek through a corn maze, and fed some goats before heading to the pumpkin patch to select the "perfect" pumpkins.

Garrett and Paige spent most of the time in their stroller to minimize the "chasing". However, they also got to enjoy the hay ride and pumpkin patch. Garrett seemed to feel the pumpkins closely resembled balls and whenever I wasn't looking he would grab one and throw it as far as he could. I'm so thankful that none of them broke!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Church Fall Kick Off!

On Sunday it was the Fall Kick Off at our church. The Children's Ministry team did a great job putting it together, and all the kids enjoyed a variety of games including a huge bounce house. Garrett and Paige were sick at home with Daddy, but Molly had a great time. She especially loved it when I had to eat a rotten egg flavored Jelly Belly to help us win one of the games. For me the highlight was watching Molly's Sunday school class perform a song. Here's a video!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Garrett & Paige's First Day of School

Last Wednesday was Garrett and Paige's first day at "school". We are taking a Mommy and Me class at Christ Community Church, and it's right next door to Molly's preschool classroom during the same time frame (which makes it convenient). It's nice to get them used to some structured activities with other children, although they did tend to spend most of their time together.

It's always interesting to me to see how differently they react to some things. When given the opportunity to paint with whipped cream, Garrett was all over it. Paige just looked at me with disgust at the idea of getting her hands dirty.

However, they are very similar in other areas. When it was my turn to leave them for "Mommy time" they absolutely freaked out, and started a chain reaction of crying toddlers. Gotta love that separation anxiety. Oh well... at least I'm loved by them!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's not a tumor... or is it?

Soooooo... it seems that 2010 is the year of medical drama in our family (immediate AND extended). It appears I might have a pituitary tumor (probably benign... don't worry). I have had a variety of hormone "issues" over the last few years, which ultimately led to my fertility issues and the arrival of our twins. After Garrett and Paige were born, my hormone issues didn't go away. And after some more testing, my endocrinologist has come to the assessment that it's all being caused by a benign tumor on my pituitary called a prolactinoma. I have an MRI scheduled for October 11th, but he's pretty certain of the diagnosis to the point that he's already prescribed me the medication I will need to be on to shrink it. I will need to be on this medication for about two years and then they will take me off it and repeat the MRI. If the tumor is too big, it may need to be surgically removed, which they actually do through your nose (which is much better than having to drill a hole in my skull).

This has been an interesting faith issue for me. Ninety-five percent of me trusts God with this. The other 5% worries. The endocrinologist did mention that the MRI is important to make sure there's "nothing else" pushing on my pituitary (read: brain tumor). And if I have to have surgery, I'm worried about my kids and the burden this would place on Steve. Also, the medication I'm going on can mess with your heart valves and they actually gave me a baseline echo-cardiogram a couple of days ago to make sure I don't have any pre-existing heart issues. I just wish I had the faith to trust God with all these "what if's" 100% of the time. But I just keep reminding myself that His track record is pretty HUGE and my pituitary is pretty small. And I'm always thankful for your prayers!