Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas at our house this year could be considered nothing less than wonderful. The picture above was taken Christmas Eve just after Santa had come. Unfortunately, our family didn't have a very restful evening all snuggled down in their beds. At around midnight, the power went out which caused our house alarm to "alert" us that it didn't have power. The loud beeping woke all three kids, and it took an hour to get them all calmed down and back to sleep. Unfortunately it threw off the rest of the night and ended up with Steve sleeping on the floor of the nursery trying to get the twins to sleep. So... everyone was a little tired when the day started at 6:00 a.m. Here's a video of the kids reactions when they woke up.

There were many favorite gifts... but the biggest hit was the FurReal cat that Auntie Trish bought for Paige. She would talk to it, feed it, cuddle with it, coo at it and I had to break up at least five sibling fights over it.

Garrett is really enjoying his Black & Decker work bench from Nani and Papa. He has already been seen trying to saw body parts off of Molly's Barbies with his tools. He's such a boy...

Molly LOVED her dollhouse from Santa, but the highlight for her was the gift opening. She savored the whole event, and tried open everyone's gifts for them.

After the gift opening the kids enjoyed relaxing with Nani and Papa and watching Toy Story 3. It was so fun having my parents here for Christmas. Steve and my dad ripped out our en-suite bathroom and it is ready to be tiled now. My mom and I had a great time playing with the kids and I was really thankful for all her help.

After naps, we went to Aunt Nancy's for an AMAZING prime rib dinner. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of our time there, but needless to say it was a blast and the kids had a fabulous time with their cousins. We got home late and ran out of time (and stomach room) to enjoy Jesus' birthday cake. I hope He understands that we took the opportunity to celebrate with cake the day AFTER Christmas! Merry CHRISTmas everyone! Hope you enjoyed your family as much as we did!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Church Christmas Performance

On Sunday, Molly and Garrett sang in the Christmas performance at church. Let me restate that... Molly sang and Garrett stood there and looked cute. Paige decided to cheer from the sidelines. Both Molly and Garrett looked adorable in their "star" head accessories.

Molly was extremely helpful and took Garrett right under her wing. She held his hand the entire time and would explain to him what was going on. Something tells me that he's not going to have a problem being on stage whatsoever.

And of course, no performance can be blogged without a video clip. Here's my two little "stars" during "Away in a Manger".

Monday, December 20, 2010

SMOM Christmas Party

On Saturday we went to the annual Sacramento Mothers of Multiples (SMOM) Christmas Party. We weren't able to make it last year, and I'm so glad that wasn't the case this year. It was so much fun! It started with a potluck style dinner.

There was also a variety of crafts out for the kids to enjoy. Here's Paige desperately trying to see over the table to work on a coloring project.

Molly spent most of her time running around with her new buddies, Caleigh and Alessa. The three of them were inseparable and have decided that they are all now best friends. The best part is that I think their mom is awesome so now we have an excuse to hang out more together!

At the end of the evening Santa came and brought gifts for all the kids. Molly was SO EXCITED about seeing Santa. Garrett was kind of excited. And Paige was just down right terrified. And Caleigh and Alessa didn't seem to notice that Santa was a LOT like their Daddy...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Energizer Bunny...

I think I may have to start calling Garrett the Energizer Bunny. He has SO MUCH ENERGY! I don't know if it's a "boy thing" or just a "Garrett thing", but I wish I could take it in pill form. He recently found the button on my keyboard that plays pre-recorded songs, and there's nothing he enjoys more than breaking out the dance moves. He may be my future musician, because he's definitely a performer. Watching this video clip just makes me smile...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just say "NO" to brain surgery

So this last week has been a wee bit stressful. I received a phone call saying that my growth hormone (GH) levels were way high and it was probably due to my pituitary tumor. My endocrinologist said that sometimes GH can be messed up in the lab so they wanted to do a more intensive work up to confirm the result. Well, on Friday I had 2.5 hours hooked up to an IV and 15 tubes of blood taken.... I'd definitely say that's a "more intensive work up".

While I was being tested I had a great conversation with my endocrinologist. High GH is an issue in adults because it causes growth deformities that basically make you look like an ape... large jaw, jutting forehead, big hands and feet, etc. It's not pretty. And... unfortunately pituitary tumors that produce growth hormone can not be treated with medication and the only alternative is to surgically remove it. Not the news I wanted. I asked him about the size of my tumor and was surprised that an adenoma that's only 6mm can wreak so much havoc. But when explained that your pituitary is only 10mm in size... then it makes sense. He tried to make me feel better by explaining that it is the "easiest" kind of brain surgery because they go up through your nose, open up your sinus and have access to the bottom of your brain that way. For some reason that didn't make me feel at ease.

Anyway, I haven't talked to my doctor yet, but Kaiser emails your lab results to you. I opened up my email this afternoon and the results came back NORMAL (so far that I can interpret). That is such a huge relief. I was really not thrilled about them digging around in my skull. So hopefully that means that if I stay on my medication over the next two years, the tumor should shrink on its own. Phew! I dodged the surgery bullet once again! By far the best Christmas gift ever...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My little ballerina...

Last night was so special. Molly performed with her dance class in a production of "The Littlest Nutcracker". We got a babysitter for the twins, so we could just sit back and enjoy the evening... and it was definitely completely enjoyable. We got ready to go right after dinner and I did Molly's hair and make-up as specified by the dance instructor. She was SO EXCITED to wear make-up and I got a little emotional seeing her look so grown up. She's such a pretty little thing!

The we were off to the recital. When we got there we picked up Molly's costume, which was for the "Chinese Tea" dance. It was the CUTEST costume ever and I was so bummed that Steve had my good camera with him because I didn't realize it was my only opportunity to get my own photo of her in costume. Good thing I at least had the point-n-shoot with me!

They danced in a beautiful theater in Folsom, and the studio did an amazing job with the stage sets and costumes. We were so impressed! Molly's class did such a great job and they couldn't have been cuter. I can't wait to get the class picture which was taken just before they went on stage.

Steve's aunt and uncle came to watch as well, which meant a lot to Molly. And both Uncle Fred and Steve got Molly a rose. She just couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. And it was pretty special to see Daddy fawn over his little ballerina.

After the theater cleared out, we snuck back in to get a photo of Molly on stage. Unfortunately by this point they had already repossessed the costumes, but I'm so happy I got a photo of her up on stage.

And here's the video clips Steve took of the performance. Unfortunately Molly's teacher (Miss Meredith) was in between us and Molly so part way through the dance Steve jumped up and changed positions. Thankfully we bought the professional video that was being filmed and we should have that next month! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jingle Bells...

I had so much fun on Molly's last preschool field trip. The kids went to a retirement community and sang carols to all the residents. The kids (and the teachers) did such a great job! And when the singing was done, each child gifted one of their Christmas art projects to one of the elderly folks. The old folks LOVED it and it was such a blessing to watch. Here's a video clip of the caroling!

Here's Molly and her two buddies, Ava and Keilani. They all got to take their jingle bells home which was definitely a hit.

And here's Molly's two biggest fans. Garrett and Paige were very happy to be able to come out and listen to their big sister sing.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Okay... so I'm a little behind in my blogging and trying to get back on top of things. Thanksgiving weekend, Molly saw her first movie ever. We went to see Tangled... Disney's new Rapunzel movie. She had been to a couple of plays before and the first thing she said when we got to the theater was, "It's like a big TV!" Needless to say she thoroughly enjoyed herself and during the movie she would get excited and hug me and say, "I love you Momma!" Love that kid...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


At my last SMOM meeting I won a gingerbread house kit. Ever since I brought it home, Molly has been begging to put it together. It ended up being a special thing for Steve to do with her while I had a Mommy break.

Now... Steve (being an engineer) has a tendency to really get into construction-related projects. He created a super-strength bonding agent using melted marshmallows and did detail work with melted chocolate.

Although Garrett and Paige napped through the event, they got to work on their own gingerbread project while Molly was at school yesterday. They got a giant gingerbread man from Aunt Nancy at Thanksgiving, and they quickly figured out how to stick the candy to my dollops of icing. It also didn't take them long to figure out it was edible and he quickly lost both of his legs.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A happy Thanksgiving

Our celebrations last week started on Monday. Since Steve's birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day, I felt it was only fair that we celebrated early. So I made Steve's favorite meal (lasagna) and bought his favorite dessert (cheesecake) and we celebrated his birthday a few days early. Molly and the kids even helped me decorate with balloons and streamers.

On Thanksgiving morning we took it easy and enjoyed the Macy's parade on TV. This has become a holiday tradition with Molly, and Garret & Paige seemed to enjoy it as much as she does! Here they are cuddling on the couch together in their jammies. Could they be any cuter?

Then after naps, we were off to Aunt Nancy's house. I didn't get many pictures from our Thanksgiving feast because it was wall to wall people. There were probably close to 30 people there. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. Garrett made a new friend in his cousin Peyton's girlfriend, Kelly. He was glue to her all night.

Paige on the other hand was glued to anyone with a plate full of dessert. A girl after my own heart!

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. We have so much to be thankful for. We've had a rough year, but it was so awesome to remember all the ways God has blessed us. Family. Friends. A roof over our head and food on our table. And all of you out there reading this who share in our life... we're thankful for you too!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas starts early

This year, Christmas is starting a little bit earlier than usual. We've had a family rule that we don't put the Christmas tree up until after Thanksgiving. But this year, a series of circumstances gave us last Saturday with absolutely nothing going on. This is not very common, so we thought we'd better take advantage of it and get a jump start on Christmas.

We went through all the kids toys and weeded them out. While I worked on that, Steve got the tree ready. And then while Garrett and Paige napped, Molly and I got the tree decorated. Molly had so much fun unwrapping the ornaments while I told her about the "story" behind each one. It was really special.

When Garrett and Paige woke up we began toddler "Christmas tree training". We explained that they're only allowed to touch the tree and ornaments with one finger and breaking the rule resulted in immediate time outs. Each of them had about 2 timeouts before the day was over, but they're definitely doing a good job since then!

We also got to visit Santa Claus when we were down in Southern California. The twins refused to get near the old guy, but Molly was SO EXCITED! I absolutely LOVE the photo they took (excuse the crummy scan) because her joy is so palpable. She asked Santa for a dollhouse, and I'm happy to report that Santa took notes and she will be receiving exactly that on Christmas morning. Shhhhhh!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A trip to SoCal

Over the weekend, we took a trip to southern California to see Steve's mom and step-dad. We always dread the drive down there because 7.5 hours is a long time to trap three small children in a minivan. But they were seriously AMAZING on both legs of the trip. No tears. No whining. Just happiness! Yay!

While we were there, Steve worked on a little home improvement project for them. So me and the kids got to enjoy some special time with Grandma and Grandpa.

The kids also spent the weekend in adoration of their cat, Groucho. Sweet Groucho was so well tempered and patiently sat there while they talked to him, sang to him, admired him... and even read to him.

We also got to see our friends Kirk and Marianne, who moved to the same city as Grandma and Grandpa. What a lucky coincidence! And Molly just LOVES Kirk.

We also enjoyed a few meals out, but the highlight for the kids was when a trip to Chick-fil-a coincided with an appearance by their cow mascot. They were enthralled by that giant cow, although Paige wasn't thrilled enough to go near it.

Our trip also coincided with a vacation my parents were taking to southern California. So how lucky were we to see Nani and Papa in the same visit? As you can tell... the kids were pretty happy about it too.

It's always nice to come home and sleep in your own bed, but I must say that it's a reminder about how we wish we had family closer to us. We miss everyone already.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Second canvas...

Well, I loved my first photographic canvas so much that I bought a "groupon" for a second one. I've been wanting to get the perfect family picture to go on it... and thanks to my friend DeAnna, I have it now! Here's my next canvas and my favorite family photo to date:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Urban Camping...

Steve and I both love to camp and are looking forward to doing it with the kids. However, with two toddlers it just seems like something that will have to wait until they're a little older. But Steve was determined to let Molly have a taste of the experience before our warm weather left us, so he decided to set the tent up in the backyard for a little urban camping. You'll notice the extension cord in the picture above that is running into the tent for Molly's night light.

Steve used some sheet metal from the shop at work, and combined with a concrete flower pot he rigged up a "fire pit". The made Jiffy Pop over the fire and roasted marshmallows for smores. I can not tell you how excited Molly was. I think the picture below says it all. It wasn't posed... I snapped it quickly while she watched Daddy cook up the Jiffy Pop.

Unfortunately the rain started coming down hard around 4:30 in the morning, waking the campers up. So they came in and finished the night in Molly's room with Daddy sleeping on the floor. All in all, I'd say it was successful! When I asked Molly what her favorite part of camping was, she said "all the parts".