Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Watch out Emeril...

Well, I think I may have launched a new career in the culinary arts. Yesterday, Mommy and I made cookies together. It was cold and rainy out and it seemed like the perfect thing to do on a stormy day. But these weren't any "normal" cookies. Nope... they were Oatmeal Apple Raisin cookies straight out of the Weight Watchers cookbook. I must admit that they definitely tasted more "healthy" then your normal cookie and all that fiber left it's mark in my diaper the next day. Anyway, Mommy added ingredients while I stirred. It was the perfect partnership.

And of course I had to sample the batter along the way. Notice that by this point I'm stirring with two spoons. I take my job very seriously!

And then at the end I got to taste the finished product. For "healthy" cookies, they weren't too bad! I definitely didn't have any problems scarfing a few of those bad boys down. Check out my cute "Princess" apron too!

And then today, I got to visit my new preschool! I know, I know... I'm a little young to be going to preschool, but I'm only going to be going one morning a week (Mondays) so Mommy can get caught up on her consulting work. I'm going to Miss Kristina's (Mommy's friend from church) Christian preschool and there's only me and two other kids there so Miss Kristina won't be too stressed having an 18-month old in their midst. Besides... I'm an angel! I'm really looking forward to it! We have circle time, and music time, and play time, and snack time, and learning time. I can't wait!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not much to report...

Hey there everyone. Well, the title says it all... there's not much to report. Our weekend had moments of extreme busyness (Saturday) and extreme laziness (Sunday). Mommy's adoption shower went fabulously on Sunday, and she was really touched by the kindness and generosity of all of the women that attended. But now it's just rainy and dreary out and we're pretty much stuck in the house. As you can see from the photo below... I'm longing to be able to play outside. Other than that... nothing is new. Oh... except that Mommy would like to report that she has officially lost 8 pounds now. Yay!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

An adoption shower...

Hi everyone. Hope you're staying dry wherever you are. We're dealing with some rainy weather here, but we love it. There's nothing better than being warm and snug in the house when it's raining outside. There's not too much to report around here. We've been busy this week visiting friends and getting organized for the weekend. On Saturday Mommy is throwing an "adoption shower" for a woman in our church that has taken in a 1-year old girl and a 3-year old boy (brother and sister). She's a single lady and is starting from scratch with kids stuff. So the women in the church are hoping to give her gift cards and their "gently used" clothes and toys so that she has some things to start with. Mommy really felt it was necessary to help this lady in some way because our family has been so blessed by the adoption of my two cousins, Alex and Maya! Mommy saw how quickly her sister and brother-in-law had to jump in with both feet when they adopted, especially considering Mommy had 9 months to prepare for me. So we're really excited about being able to support this new mom and her new son and daughter! Hopefully they can be my new friends!

And for those of you who haven't visited Mommy's photo blog... here's my 18-month pic!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New hairdo?

I just wanted to share my parents cruel idea of a new hairdo. Apparently it was inspired by an 80's band called "Flock of Seagulls". As you can tell by the photo... I'm not overly impressed...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Talking and reading...

Hey everyone! I'm happy to report that our whole family is doing well in their New Year's resolutions. Mommy and Daddy have both lost five pounds, Mommy continues walking regularly with Aunt Jenny, and they finished our budget. And I have officially gotten over having my pacifier during the day. Mommy was right that "no binky" equals "more talky". I'm trying to talk up a storm now. I've learned several new words this week, including duck, owl, ball, water (wawa) and Elmo. And when we're driving in the car, not having a pacifier has freed me to scream "Mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over and over again in a high-pitched whine! That's my pay back to Mommy for getting rid of my binky (a.k.a - mute button). Anyway, although my vocabulary is still growing, I can read books! Check out my video below!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Our New Year's Resolutions...

Well... first of all, there's no picture with today's post because Mommy's camera is still getting fixed. Hopefully she will have it back this week though.

Lately, life around here has consisted of working on our New Year's Resolutions. For their first resolution, Mommy and Daddy are working on a new family budget and have informed me that I will no longer be blessed with the same amazing wardrobe that I sported last year. But apparently if they save enough this year, they're hoping to buy a minivan next year in hopeful anticipation of another kid.

Which brings me to their second resolution... expand the family. Now, they've been trying to do this since last year and Mommy has found out that her body isn't really working like it should. So she's got a doctor's appointment in a few weeks to get things evaluated. In the meantime, our family is embarking in a "healthy lifestyle" including walking, lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and vegetable protein, herbal supplements, etc. etc. etc. Mommy is on the fertility warpath! Please keep her in your prayers.

Now I'm a little opposed to the final New Year's resolution because it directly affects me. Mommy and Daddy have decided that MY resolution is to give up my bobo/binky/pacifier, except for at night. We started out today and so far I've screamed and cried for an hour, to the point of gagging. But they're worried that my pacifier is holding me back from talking, so now I'm paying for their insecurities! Life just doesn't seem fair... does it? Pray for me... Anyways, I hope you're all successful with your resolutions.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Laughing like a Sexton...

Well, this week Mommy informed me that I laugh like a Sexton. What is a "Sexton", you ask? Many of you will already know the answer to this riddle... as Sexton in Mommy's maiden name. Apparently, Mommy laughs just like her sisters and mother (Nani). It's a slightly loud, slightly boisterous, and slightly obnoxious laugh. And when they're all laughing at once it can be kinda overwhelming, but definitely joyful. And it appears that I have inherited this laugh, complete with chuckles, guffaws and the occasional snort. I guess that means I'm a happy person! Lucky me!

Friday, January 4, 2008

A quick update...

Well... just thought I'd knock out a quick update from our neck of the woods. A winter storm has hit Sacramento with gusto and apparently 1.2 million people are without power in the region because of the rain and wind. We're happy to report we're warm and toasty with electricity here... and if you're reading this right now you must have power too! Mommy and I bravely ventured out this morning to enjoy a play date with Isabelle and her mommy. Unfortunately it took an hour and twenty minutes to get home afterwards because portions of the freeway were flooded, but it was no big deal to me because I slept in my car seat the entire time. Mommy said she just enjoyed the lull in the traffic and spent some time praying quietly for friends and family. Who knew that being stuck in traffic could be so peaceful? On our way home we saw four homes with large trees blown over in their front yards... one of which had toppled onto a car. Crazy! It really makes you thankful to come home to a warm, cozy house. We are truly blessed. We hope you're all staying warm and cozy too!