Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

Hey there everybody! Happy Hallowe'en! This is pretty much my first Hallowe'en, considering I don't really remember last year because I was just a baby. I don't know how excited I am about this whole event because I'm pretty timid around people in masks and costumes.

Mommy has been pretty excited and I ended up with two costumes. I already had a princess dress and she bought me wings for it to make me a fairy. And then she found a cute pumpkin costume at a thrift store and just "had" to get that too. Anything for a photo opportunity I suppose! I have to admit that I get a little whiny when she dresses me up. I don't like being messed with!

Mommy and Daddy are going to let me trick-or-treat at TWO houses tonight... our neighbors. That way I can just get a taste of what this whole Hallowe'en thing is all about. I personally think she just wants to parade me around in my costume to show people how cute I am. Anyway, I hope you have a FABULOUS Hallowe'en filled with lots of candy (yet few calories)! And a special Hallowe'en shout out to my cousins Alexander, Maya and Hailey! Wish I could be with all of you guys to celebrate and PARTY! Love you!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can't just enough of pumpkins...

Hi everyone! Things are going better around here. My last molar has cut through and I sure feel a lot better. All that's left now are my incisors. Phew! We got to go to ANOTHER pumpkin patch on Thursday. I just can't get enough of those fabulous orange globes of wonder. I love to pick them up and carry them around and sort them by size! It makes me happy.

We hung out at the pumpkin patch with my buddies, Ava and Keilani. While we were there we got to check out some awesome farm animals. Here's a picture of Ava feeding the goats. Meanwhile I was enjoying showing everyone my latest discovery... that I have a belly button.

Anyway, that's the latest around here. We're off to help out at a Harvest Carnival (associated with our church) this afternoon. And guess what's going to be there... MORE PUMPKINS! Whoo whoo!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's been a baadddddddd day....

Yup... Mommy and I had a tough day. To start out with, I'm cutting my last molar and pretty much cried all day yesterday. This morning, Mommy thought that today might be better. She was wrong.

The morning went fairly well. But then, after lunch we decided to go to the library. Mommy liked the idea of getting fun books for me for FREE! I liked the idea of running around and pulling all the books off the shelf and screaming at the top of my lungs and throwing myself down on the floor if she tried to stop me. To say the least, our trip to the library was cut very short. In fact, one of the people working there came up to Mommy and asked if she would like some help checking books out (read: please leave because your child is out of control). Mommy was totally embarrased and said to Daddy on the phone, "I was "THAT" woman in a public place whose child is acting up". I don't know why she's so upset... I had a blast. Even though we were probably only there for 5-10 minutes.

So then we went to Costco. We finished grocery shopping just in time to go home for my nap. So picture this... I'm tired, we have a trunk full of perishable groceries, and Mommy's car won't start. Yup, it would turn over but refused to fire up. So she called Daddy and AAA and we sat in the parking lot waiting for the tow truck. Now by this point I was completely exhausted, in pain from teething, and completely miserable. I pretty much screamed the whole way home. When I finally got to lay down for my nap, Mommy made herself chocolate chip cookies. Everything seems better with chocolate chip cookies. What a day...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A trip to Apple Hill...

Well, on Friday I trekked up to Apple Hill to enjoy the bounty of the fall harvest. As you can see from the picture below, the weather man was forcasting rain and we were prepared for that fact, but once again the weather dude was WRONG and it was gorgeous and sunny there!

I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, as did Mommy. We ate lots of good grub and enjoyed checking out the wildlife and local farm animals. Tommy even braved the bucking broncos!

In my quest to get over my apple allergy, I sampled a homemade apple fritter. I give it two thumbs up. At one point I dropped it in the dirt and when Mommy tried to take it away from me I defended it with everything I had. Here I am warning her to, "Back away from the fritter."

All in all, a fabulous day was had by all. I enjoyed a nice little snooze on the way home, with visions of apple fritters dancing through my head. Or maybe I just passed out in a sugar coma...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hi everyone. Well, I'm happy to report that Mommy made it home safe and sound from her weekend away from me. Boy I missed her. When she came home I couldn't contain my excitement and ran around in circles screaming and laughing. It sounds like she had a great time and was able to take some moments to practice her photography. You can check out some of her photos on her blog at (or click on the link from this page). The Women's Retreat's speaker spoke on finding balance in life and on "self care". And Mommy mentioned that she came home feeling refreshed, but a couple of days of craziness around here seems to have fixed that problem!

As for me... I'm beginning to discover a whole new world of "make believe". I love pretending to be a chef in my kitchen or pretending to be a mommy to my dolly. I even love to try and dress up my bear, although I still haven't completely mastered that yet. Here's a photo of me putting a pretty necklace on Bear. He loves to look pretty.

Anyway, on Friday we're going to go to Apple Hill with some friends which will be fun. Mommy and I already went last week together, and I got to try my first piece of apple pie. Yes... I seem to be overcoming my apple allergy... and what perfect timing for apple season! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying some apple pie yourself!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The latest and greatest...

Hi everyone! Well, I have officially surpassed the 15 month mark. So, yesterday I got to see my doctor for my regular check-up. I'm officially 25 lbs 12.5 oz (88% percentile) and 32 inches tall (94% percentile). Something tells me that I'm going to be tall like my Daddy! Anyway, the doctor also confirmed that although I'm still coughing a bit with a runny nose... I'm not sick. Apparently I have inherited my Daddy's environmental allergies. I much prefer inheriting his height than his immune problems. Anyway, that's why they figure Daddy is still hacking away too (post nasal drip) and he's on a steroidal nasal spray now. So now I have to take Benedryl every night before I go to bed for a couple of weeks. Last night was the first night I took it, and this morning was the first morning in a long time I didn't wake up hacking up a lung. No post nasal drip last night = no coughing in morning! Whoo whoo! It was also good for Mommy to get the confirmation that I can have play dates again because I won't be getting my friends sick. Yay! Anyway, Daddy bought a fancy electronic air cleaner that he's installing in our heating/cooling system. Hopefully it will help both of us! However, the down side of my doctor's visit was the FIVE immunization shots I had to get. But I was brave and didn't start crying until the third shot and was done crying before Mommy even had a chance to pick me up and comfort me (literally seconds). What can I say... I'm a rock star!

This weekend is my "Daddy Bonding Weekend". Mommy leaves this afternoon for a Women's Retreat with some of her friends from church. She's REALLY excited about getting a break and having some time to recharge. They're going to Lake Tahoe and there's already snow up there so she's hoping to have an opportunity to get some cool photos. I'm going to miss her though. I do love my Mommy a lot. And something tells me that she's going to miss me and Daddy too!

Monday, October 8, 2007

I love the fall...

Hi everyone! Well, fall has kicked it into high gear around here. And I LOVE it! The weather is fabulous, the leaves are changing, and life is good! I think October is my favorite month in Sacramento!

This weekend we really got to enjoy the fall weather when we went to my friend Shae's birthday party. She turned three and had her party at this cool place called Kirtlan's Silverbend. They had a pumpkin patch and hay maze and train rides and an Old West replica town complete with guys dressed as cowboys toting guns (which Mommy said reminded her of when she lived in Pendleton)! And of course, we all got to dress up in our Hallowe'en costumes which is ALWAYS fun! Here's me and the cowboys, and me and fellow pumpkin, Isabelle! Thank you Shae for a fun time!

Here's some of my other friends from the party too!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I may be in love...

Hi everyone. I think I may be in love! His name is Tristan and he's the son of Mommy's friend Liz. It all started several weeks back when he gave me his stuffed cat when I was over at his house. He knew that I liked it so he let me take it home with me. And then this week we got to hang out together and he slipped me a sour gummy worm when Mommy wasn't looking. I'd already eaten half of it when Mommy figured it out, so she let me finish. AND when I fell down and bonked my head, he sang me a song to help me feel better. How could I not love someone that showers me with stuffed animals, stuffs me with candy, and sings to me?

Maybe I just admire his maturity. He's old enough to be in SCHOOL (preschool that is). I'm hoping if I follow him around I'll learn a thing or two from him.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Not too much happing around here...

Hi everyone. I wish I could write a long post about the exciting adventures in our lives, but things have been pretty slow lately. Daddy and I are STILL sick (it's now been around 5 weeks). We both feel good other than a cough and runny nose. But the cough is fairly nasty and wakes us both up in the middle of the night. It's getting old... Both Mommy and I are getting a little edgy as we haven't been able to do much in the way of play dates because we don't want to pass this on to my friends. Daddy's energy is obviously doing alright because he has taken on the rather large task of replacing our furnace and ALL of our ducting himself. Hours of crawling around in our attic doesn't sound like fun to me, but he's enjoying himself so kudos to him. The weather is starting to feel "fallish" here (high's of 75F or 21C). Now that may seem warm for the Canadian contingent, but it cools down alot at night which is surely a sign of fall. I LOVE this weather. Anyway, we would really appreciate your prayers for the health of Daddy and I. We are sick of being sick, and Mommy's sick of taking care of sickos...