Thursday, August 30, 2007

Surviving my seperation...

Hi everyone! Well, I survived the two days that Mommy was gone for her conference. I went over to Auntie Jenny's house and we had FUN! In the two days that she was gone, I only cried for about 30 seconds. Mommy was SOOOOO happy that I adjusted so well. She really enjoyed her conference and mentioned that it was nice to "use her brain again". She got to touch base with all of her old co-workers which she enjoyed. And then Mommy's early birthday present arrived in the mail... her brand new camera. She couldn't really play with it until I went to bed last night, but this morning she chased me around snapping pictures.
Afterwards, I was sooooo tired and Mommy let me chill on the couch with my Baby Einstein video. Notice in the photo below, my gut hanging out under my shirt. The only thing that would complete this look would be a beer in one hand and the remote control in the other! What can I say... life is good!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaya!

This afternoon, Mommy and I went to Kaya's birthday party. She turned 3 years old, and I must say that she is awesome. I like playing with Kaya because she's really girly, just like me. Here's a picture of the birthday girl!

She had a Willy Wonka theme party, and let me tell you that there was ALOT of candy there. But every time I'd find some, Mommy would snatch it away from me. It got really annoying after a while. But she let me try some watermelon (another fruit I'm NOT allergic to - whoo whoo). As you can tell from the pictures below, I really got into my watermelon.

I had fun playing with Kaya and my friend Shae during the party. The best part was when Shae's daddy (Uncle Charlie) towed us girls around in their wagon WHILE he was pushing Baby Devin in the stroller. That man can multi-task!
I also enjoyed playing a puddle that I found. I kept trying to put my face in it to have a drink, but once again Mommy put the kabosh on my fun. That woman is a really bummer sometimes! But all in all, I had a great time! Thanks Kaya for inviting me!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mommy's new toy...

Hi everyone! Well, this may be the last posting with photos taken with Mommy's "old" camera. With some extra contracts that she picked up, and some anticipated birthday money, Mommy bought herself a new digital SLR camera and a couple of lenses to go with it. She calls it her new toy, and tells me that this is a toy I can't play with. That doesn't seem fair, does it? She ordered it online and the estimated delivery date in next Wednesday. She's literally been tracking the UPS shipment online to watch its progress to Sacramento. Just a little obsessed, I think. But she's really enjoying this new hobby, so how can I complain. Anyway, in her excitement she stalked down my friends Damian and Hayden at our Thursday night life group to snap their pics and get some practice in. Here's a great picture of the two of them, and one of me trying to get into the shot!

Otherwise, life has been pretty busy here. On Monday, Mommy's car broke down outside of our post box. Daddy had to leave work and come save us and a trunk-load of groceries from melting in the 100F heat. Unfortunately, they found out that their extended warranty had expired! It hadn't reached 100,000 miles yet, but apparently there was a time limit (6 years) on it too and that had come and gone. How annoying!

Then on Tuesday, I had a play date at Auntie Jenny's house. Mommy has a two day conference for work next week that she has to attend, so I'm going to hang out with Auntie Jenny while she's gone. I overheard Mommy tell Daddy that she was really anxious about leaving me with someone because I'm such a cling-on right now (thanks Mom). She probably feels that way because I scream and wail everytime I go into the church nursery. But on Tuesday when she left me with Auntie Jenny for an hour as a "test-run" I surprised them both by remaining happy and cheerful the whole time she was gone. What can I say... Auntie Jenny is special! Hopefully that eases Mommy's anxiety!

Finally, yesterday I had a play date with Keilani, Jacob and Eben. I was in a pretty foul mood the entire time (actually the entire "day" for that matter) because I'm getting my next tooth. I even woke up crying in the middle of the night last night, which I never really do anymore. But I figured it was good for Mommy to remember what interrupted sleep feels like, especially if they want to have another baby.

Anyway, that's the latest and greatest here. Hope you're all doing great!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Practicing for Princess-dom...

Hey everyone! Well, this week I decided that I wanted to be a princess when I grow up. So I figured that I'd better start practicing. Mommy bought me my first purse, and I LOVE to carry it around and put stuff in and out of it. She also bought me my first princess dress, thanks to a birthday gift card from the Hare and Faddis clans. (thanks guys) The dress is fabulous, but of course Mommy had to chase me around with her camera again...

Mommy is also starting to get excited to buy her new digital SLR camera. She's been researching and studying everything she can about the kind of equipment she wants. Unfortunately for me, that means she's obsessed with taking photos right now. I may have to draw the line after she stuffed me in bucket the other day to snap pictures. As you can tell below, I refused to be compliant. But I suppose if I want to be a princess, I'd better get used to the press snapping my photo!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Watch out van Gogh, here comes van Riessen!

Hi everyone! Well, yesterday I launched my art career. Mommy and Daddy invested in some fingerpaints. They were a little fearful about my penchant for eating foreign substances, but the paint box was emblazed with the phrase "non-toxic" so they got a small sense of security about it. Daddy even tasted the paint just to make sure. Crazy Daddy! Anyway, I was a little tentative at first about getting stuff all over my hands, but I got the hang of things fairly quickly. It got a little messy, so it's a good thing they stripped me down to my diaper first. Here's a few photos of my emerging efforts into the art field! I've decided to call my first piece "Frantic Splash". Enjoy...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Buckethead to the rescue!

Hi everyone! Some of you who have spent time with me at home have met my superhero alter-ego named Buckethead.

As "Molly", I am a relatively mild-mannered little girl. But as "Buckethead", I will slowly eradicate crime from the face of the planet (or at least from around our house). Mommy and Daddy think that I just like to run around daily with this blue bucket on my head. But they just don't understand the transformative powers that come over me when I don this magic helmet. Keep your eyes on your local news station as I'm sure Buckethead will soon be fighting crime in your neighborhood! Here's a little video of me transforming into Buckethead!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Enjoying the summer...

Hi everyone. I've had a great week, filled with lots of fun with my friends! We celebrated Auntie Paige's birthday on Tuesday night and then on Thursday afternoon I got to go to the aquatic center with Keilani! Thursday night we hung out with our Bible study group (a.k.a Life Group) and my new friend Kaya! She's three and I ADORE her. We had a great time playing "make believe" in my new kitchen. Then I got a double-dose playdate with Isabelle on Friday and Saturday! Whoo whoo - life is good!

This week Mommy thought she finally found another fruit that I wasn't allergic to... blueberries. I loved them and was able to eat them without producing any hives. But... the next day wreaked some serious havoc on my intestinal system, culminating in a pretty bad diaper rash. So I guess that's the last of blueberries for a while. Maybe that was too much information... Either way, the whole fruit allergy thing gets old after a while.

Today we visited the American River Parkway with Isabelle and her parents. Mommy and Auntie Dee Dee were hoping to spend some time snapping photos, but everyone's fun was squelched by the heat. It was sooooo stinkin' hot. So instead, we ended the day shopping at IKEA, which is always fun - particularly with the air conditioning! But our moms did get a few cute photos this afternoon, despite the hot sun. Mommy says that the first picture of Isabelle and I melts her heart, which sounds like a dangerous cardiac condition to me...

And here's what Auntie Dee Dee looks like half the time that I see her!