Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello to my friends and family! We had a wonderful Memorial Day long weekend here in Sacramento. I got to spend lots of time with Daddy while Mommy finished up her grant proposal. Then on Monday, our entire family went shopping at the factory outlets and then to a BBQ at the river in the evening. I got to play with some of my friends at the river, although I wasn't in the best mood because of my teething.

Today has been pretty laid back. My friend, Isabelle, came over for lunch and then we played for a little while. I could have played ALL DAY and when Izzy's mommy took her home I cried! I wanted to leap out of Mom's arms and go in the van with them. Then to top it all off, Mommy tortured me with yet another photo shoot. Someone has GOT to peel that camera out of that woman's hands! Anyways, here's Mommy's favorite picture from today!

A quick "shout out" to Auntie Shelly and Uncle Todd. I've been modelling the shirt you bought me (please see the picture below) and Mommy and Daddy seem to be getting a good laugh from it. Thanks again... I love it and it's so "appropriate". Miss you!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Time to walk with the bipeds

Well... I'm finally sick of carpet burns on my knees. I heard that my cousin Hailey had joined the world of bipedal transportation and figured it was high time that I do the same. So here I go world... don't stop me now!

Friday, May 25, 2007

There's no place like home...

Well... I survived my trip to Canada and I'm back home in my own crib! Yay! I have to admit that it was a wonderful vacation. Nani and Papa introduced me to the joys of soft serve ice cream, which Papa fed to me EVERY night. Mommy told me not to get used to it so I'm sure that's the last I'll see of ice cream for a while. Oh well. I also got to see my Aunt Shelly and Uncle Todd, Great Grandma and Grandpa, and Great Aunt Donna and Uncle Don! They all brought me clothes and I think my wardrobe is officially larger than Mommy's now. Now that I'm back home I'm suffering with some teeth that are trying to come in. They hurt! I've found it necessary to wake up several times in the night to remind Mommy how much pain I'm in. If I have to suffer, everyone else does to! Hope those teeth come in soon. Daddy's not feeling too great either as he's suffering with a sinus infection. He did a whole bunch of yard work while Mommy and I were gone, and that couldn't have been good for his allergies and sinuses. Poor Daddy. And Mommy has a little contract that she's doing for the Water Forum here in town. She has to finish their grant proposal by the end of May, so whenever I go down for a nap I hear her typing away on the computer. All in all, life is good here. I'm sure happy to be back home with both my Mommy and Daddy! Here's a few more pictures that I like from our trip to Canada!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh, Canada...

Hi there everyone! Molly here... writing to your from the land of beer and hockey - Canada! I'm really enjoying my trip so far. I was feeling a little bad that I was such a stinker on Mother's Day, so I decided to make up for it on the flight up here. Several people told Mom how impressed they were with me on the plane. What can I say... I'm an angel! We've been really busy since I've been here. Yesterday we went to a fabulous park that had all kinds of swings and play structures! Here's a photo of me coming down the slide.

At the park I also found this cute little blue convertible. I hopped into it to take it for a spin, but the starter in it seemed to be busted. Too bad... I was really curious to find out whether they drive on the opposite side of the road here like they do in England.

Today we went to Piper's Lagoon, which apparently is one of Mommy's favorite places in Nanaimo (her home town). This was my first time to a beach. Sure is a lot of sand there. Mommy wouldn't let me sit in the sand though, because she knew I would eat it. She just doesn't appreciate the breadth of cuisine that I enjoy. Of course, she and Nani brought their cameras and were snapping pictures all over the place. Here's some of my favorites from our time at the beach...

Well, that's the latest from me. I'm really enjoying my time, but missing Daddy horribly. There's no one here that wrestles with me quite like he does. And of course, I don't get the same bird's eye view from my stroller that I would get from riding on Daddy's shoulders. I love you Daddy (and Mommy does too)! We miss you lots!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eating Bubbles...

Yesterday was a first for me. We went to visit my Great Aunt Nancy and Uncle Fred because Mommy wanted to take pictures of me in my bathing suit in something called a "hot tub". Now, the largest body of water I had ever been in up to this point is our bathtub at home. And with a name like "hot tub" I could only imagine that it might hurt a little. So I must admit that I was a little tentative at first. Here's a picture of me testing the waters...

The water was actually warm not hot, which was nice, AND Daddy got to play in the water with me. I quickly began to enjoy this whole "hot tub" concept! I must admit that my favorite part was when they put the jets on and I got to eat all the bubbles I wanted! I quite enjoyed the whole experience and may have to try out the pool next time!

Today was Mother's Day. I bought Mom a few books that she wanted. Actually, Dad bought them for her because he didn't trust me to use his credit card on Amazon.com. Where's the trust, eh? Anyway, I decided that it was important for Mom not to get an inflated self image on Mother's Day, so I refused to nap before church. We went out after church for a special lunch and I decided by this point I was quite tired and irritated about life, so I made sure that she felt my misery. If today is Mother's Day, then I figured she should work for that title. Mommy muttered something to Daddy about spending next Mother's Day alone, which didn't really make sense to me because I'm the one that made her a mother. Go figure?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Tuesday, when I get to go visit my family up in Canada and get in touch with my Canadian roots. This will be my fifth plane trip (pretty good for 10 months, eh?) and I'm not sure how enjoyable it will be this time now that I know how to crawl and move around. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm sending out a special shout out to all the family and friends I'll be seeing up in the Great White North (see picture below). See ya soon!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Maiden Voyage

This is the maiden voyage of my new blog... Insights from Molly. Although my parents feel that they need to speak on my behalf, I had to find an outlet to express my opinions on our life here in Sacramento and the world at large. I may only be 10 months old but I feel I am wise beyond my months. And as I crawl forward on all fours into the world of blogging, I look forward to sharing with all of you what life is like from the perspective of a baby. So here we go. As one famous writer once penned, "In a land far, far away..." - a land called Sacramento...